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Life Mechanics University Is Open To The Public!

Life Mechanics University has opened it's doors!

It gives me great pleasure to tell you all that Life Mechanics University has opened it doors to the general public for the first time ever! WOW!

You know how when you were growing up... going through education... (Stateside having to pay considerably more than the UK counterparts) Learning your trade and hoping at the end of it to go into that profession...The one you have spent up to 5 years learning.. You have invested time... money... learning.. sacrificed a few things.. and now as you look to find that job you come to the realisation that the job you have studied for no longer exists! How frustrating! right?

Let me explain to you what Life Mechanics University is all about and maybe it will resonate enough with you to want to enquire within. LMU is an online training course which you can take at your own pace. Aimed at helping entrepreneurs to become more successful in their chosen career... Online of offline.

Although LMU is online and helps mostly entrepreneurs who already have a home based business it will also help those new to online marketing and those who have a bricks and mortar business too... It will fit everyone who want's to develop themselves.

What is Life Mechanics University?

In a nutshell it is an online training platform which gives you access to google hangouts, Periscopes, Personal interviews (You can have you own one done too in time!) and personal development and mentoring and WAIT there more! It happens to have a compensation plan built in WAIT and more still.. You can have your very own interview done with the owner of the business (Robert Hollis Snr, Multi Millionaire) which you can use for branding you. He declares to the world that you are working together..Regardless of the business you are currently promoting. 

To me it just makes sense. Why struggle anymore? I struggled for years and years until I met Robert, Matthew, Junior and Bill. You will get to meet all of them in due course. Let me ask you this... If you were to ask Richard Branson for 6 hours of his time each month how much would he charge ??? I don't know the answer for sure but I think it would be way more than the high end mentoring Robert charges which is just $99 a month... about £65 in england... That is a night out.. Why waste the money on beer and other things when you can invest in your future and start earning income from home ? Seriously.. What is stopping you ?

Do you want to be more successful than you are already ? Then I suggest you atleast checkout the Life Mechanic's University. I will see you on the other side as I use this daily.

Stay blessed!

William O'Toole

Life Mechanics University Student

This article was published on 03.12.2015 by William O'toole
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