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Let me first start by saying in network marketing there are 3 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS 1. POSERS or LOOSERS 2. AMATEURS or TRYING 3. PROFESSIONALS or GIATS 1. POSERS are networkers who just want to test and see whether network marketing business works or not. They meet few objections and easily get discouraged. These are people who always want to find a blame on the system, blame their uplines but not putting the blame on themselves for not acting accordingly and they easily give up. They expect a lot of money in their bank account after doing very little. Usually POSERS have more excuses than money. don't be like them believe in yourself and things will start happening 2. AMATEURS are a bit serious but not fully committed to their business. They do the business just once in a while and hence they don't reap much. They can talk to one or two people about their business just once in a while and their business growth is a bit slow. 3. PROFESSIONALS These networkers have a vision about their business, they take network marketing as a serious business and get paid good money. They are determined, persistent and committed to their cause despite few challenges on the way. They write their business goals and ACT on them EVERYDAY. They study their business' system, aim for a particular figure of money in their business' system, WORK to get it UNTIL they get it. They always set time to study and learn about their business through articles, books, audios, videos, meetings, national events, etc. Whenever necessary, they ask their business partners for clarifications and guidance about their business and sooner, they start earning 6 to 7 figure income. so now what are you wanting for join four corners alliance group today and be a professional network marketer in business Building A Secure Business Together THE FOUR CORNERS ALLIANCE GROUP Where Dreams Become A Reality! The Right Opportunity Take action now! 4Corners looks at money differently because we look at it through YOUR eyes. We understand that once you have the right knowledge, the right tools and the right mindset, anything is possible. Your exclusive Platinum membership in this 3rd party Investment solution is your ticket to a new kind of prosperity—where you hold all the cards. You are in FULL control of how big you want to grow, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Feast your eyes on a sturdy and robust business platform, with products that are the gold standard in the industry, yet accessible to anyone with a burning desire to get more out of life
This article was published on 25.11.2015 by Danny Mulenga
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