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I never imagined I would become involved in Network Marketing...the only experience I had was a few years ago, when a colleague tried to entice me to join her company...would only cost £1000 to set up then got quite annoyed when I wasn't convinced it was for me...scared me off...for what I thought would be life! Instead I got on with doing a job so stressful I ended up taking anti anxiety tablets to get me through my long working day. What I imagined doing was doing a part time job with a full time salary....working from home and around family commitments......pie in the sky....I thought!

Then at my book club...of all places....I got talking to someone who had just got involved with a brand new company...she was so excited..She had recently sold her business, it was running her instead of her running it! She then spent a great deal of time thoroughly investigating networking companies ...and found a unique company with a very generous compensation plan - in fact it pays three ways.

 .She explained her new business....with a brand new company...only a year old...started in UK....and expanding rapidly and just about to enter the European market..and beyond. Minimum start up cost...which provided ongoing training and a website....joined up next day and so excited ....making money already.....and best of all for selling and no customers. Still have 100% support and training is ongoing. 

One thing though.....I am amazed how many people write off network marketing.....and  yet know absolutely nothing about it. Agreed my one and only experience was extremely negative, but some people have no experience at all and just go by what they have heard from other people. What I have since discovered - if you find a product....which I have.....that is amazing...that you personally believe in, you are willing to do as little as 20 mins of work a day.....and incredibly discover the set up fee is only a one off fee of £35.....then see the proof of money being made.....why wouldn't you give it a try....if you would like to join me on this incredible journey....please email me and I will send you information which will enable you to decide if this is the business for you.

This article was published on 29.03.2016 by Lorna Ross
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Hope Umudjoro What is the name of the company you are referring to?  7 years ago

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