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*** Guaranteed Daily Income? *** I Mean Who Does That!!??

What in the world is the leadership of this company thinking?   Guaranteed Daily income .....  Are they for real?

The short answer is a resounding YES!!!    

In fact, there are numerous people reaping the benefits of this right now.   And that my friends is a beautiful thing that you certainly want to be a part of.  

The company is called MWR Financial and they are the home of the 6 Figure online strategy.   It rocks baby!!!

They offer an awesome membership suite of Personal Financial Services.  Image this ....  as a member, you get unlimited access to a team of financial professionals.  We're talking tax attorneys, CPAs, Financial Planners, Estate Planners, Retirement Planners, Debt & Credit Management Analysts & more.   

And you get all of that for a low monthly membership fee of around $79 (15 mins with a CPA will cost you waaaay more).

But check this out!!!!  

They have this ridiculous customer referral program where if you refer 3 customers who also become members .....  your monthly membership fee gets waived!!!!  Isn't that amazing?    It's their "refer 3 and it's Free program."   

Now I don't know about you  .... but I'd take Free over a 10% off coupon or a $20 Gift Card any day.

And here's the kicker.  How would you like an affordable business in a box that has the potential to produce multiple 6 Figures?    Well guess what?     They've got you covered there too!!!

You can become an MWR Associate for just a one time payment of $99. 

And by doing so, you are able to build up a team of sales associates from which you can earn team overrides and other bonuses.    All total there are over 7 different ways in which you can be compensated.

*** For info on the full compensation plan, click here.  ***

The part I like best about the Associate program is what they call their 6 Figure Strategy.   It centers around just 2 of the 7 ways you get paid.

Here's a quick summary of how it all breaks down: 

I like to start out with what it costs you to operate the business before I get into how much you can make.

That way there are no ..."gotchas".

OK ....let's say you decide to become an associate so you can build an online empire (smart move btw).   As I mentioned before, it costs you $99 one time to do so.  In addition to the membership fee, they offer you a business management tool suite (website, autoresponder, lead tracker, etc)  that costs $40/m.  

So all total your new business is costing you $139.

Now, obviously you'll want to be "a product of the product"  .... so you get the membership for $79/m.  

But remember the refer 3 customers and yours is Free thing right?    So really that cost will go away quickly.

Once all the dust settles, it technically "costs" you around $218ish to get started in your own personal finances "franchise" business.  Honestly, that's not a lot when compared to how much it costs to start other franchise businesses.  Just Google the start up costs for a McDonald's or a Planet Fitness and you'll see what I mean.  Shocking!!!!!

So we take the $218ish start-up costs.  $99 is a one time fee.  $79/m will go away as soon as you refer 3 customers.  So that leaves you with a true recurring business "expense" (if you can even call it that) of around $40/m.    

NOW .....  let's look at the other side of the coin ..... How much you can earn!!!

So you get paid in numerous ways.  Too numerous in fact to get into here.  But let's take a look at their 6 Figure Guaranteed Income Strategy as just one example.   It only focuses on 2 of the 7 revenue streams ....  the Guaranteed Daily Income and the Presidential Bonuses.

 I won't get into the full detailed explanation here, but in a nut shell, the 6 Figure Strategy works like this:

- You are a go getter and find 12 people who sign up as an Associate. 

- They aren't quite as ambitious as you so they only end up acquiring 5 people each.

- Those 5 each are even less ambitious and only find 3 each.

- Those 3 only find 2 each.  

All total that's 612 qualified associates in your team.   

Doing so earns you $6,000 per month is Guaranteed Daily Income and another $2,500 in Presidential Bonus income.     That is a total of $8,500/m in recurring monthly revenue  .... which equates to $102K/yr. 

For the full details, click the "full compensation plan" link further up in the article. 

So doing the quick math here.   $218ish in start-up expenses.   $8,500 in first month revenue.   Net is $8K+ in your first month (Ok Disclaimer:  Obviously this is contingent upon your level of effort.   If you fail to put in the necessary work, the company won't pay you ......  duh!!!!    You have to work at this to be successful!!!)

And of course there are additional bonuses for joining us to include training & support.   You can build this business in your spare time without harassing your family & friends or without a huge financial risk.  We'll teach you how!!!

Opportunity is knocking.   The next move is up to you.

Click the link from further up for more info & details on how to get started.

P.S.   One last thing.   For now it is only open to the U.S & it's territories and Canada (I know.  I know.  Sorry.   But they will be expanding into other countries in the very near future from what I hear). 

So if that's you, then yeah click away at the links.   You won't be sorry. 

This article was published on 29.07.2020 by Edward Smith
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MWR Financial - Personal Finances, 99 USD to join

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