Leo : Learning Enterprise Organization or Learn Earn Own

Leo is  recognized by the British Parliament and established since 2012 with head office in UK ( Oxford) and in more than 140 countries. Leo is an organization into diverse innovative products such as :

- elearning

- cryptocurrency

- technology

- live seminars

Leo has one of the largest crypto mining farms and the only one allowed to in the UK. Leo mines its own coin The LeoCoin and mines also altcoins which they trade for Bitcoin and Ethereum ( This is Leo DMS Program).

Leo is already listed on the coin market and has its own exchange.

Leo is a highly reputable and credible organization with straight record backed with DSA code of Ethics and Compliances.

It rewards and encourages entrepreneurs to :

- Learn

- Earn 

- Own.

To start with LEO, you must buy one of their LEOcoin mining packs. The purpose of these packs is to mine LEOcoin for members. The contract period and the quantity of LEOcoin you will be receiving depends on the pack you choose. There are 4 packs basically:

(1). LEO Starter Pack / £150GBP / 1month contract

(2). LEO Business Pack / £600GBP / 4months contract

(3).LEO VIP Pack / £1500GBP / 12 months contract 

(4). LEO Gold Pack / £2000GBP/ 12 months contract

LEO has only one BTC/ETH mining pack, which they called Digital Mining Service (DMS) 1DMS Pack = £1,250GBP.

NOTE: The max DMS pack you can buy is 10 (10DMS Packs = 12,500GBP). 

This pack is a 12months mining contract, which will start counting after 30-60 days. You get a minimum of £300GBP worth of BTC or ETH from every DMS pack you purchased every single month for 12 months.

There are TWO major ways to make insane money from LEO or as a LEO member. 

(1) You can make money straight as an Investor - Here, you don't have to refer anyone if you dont want to. Just buy any of the LEO 4 packs and mine LEOcoin or buy the DMS pack and mine BTC or ETH. NOTE: You can buy as much as 10 DMS packs. If you buy 10DMS packs, you'll be receiving £3,000GBP monthly.

2. You can also make mega insane money both as an investor and Networker. 

NOTE: If you are interested in this, kindly request for the LEO comp plan. 

To start enjoying all the Leo bounty goodies, buy one of the LEO's packs to become a LEO member and business partner through my referral link  https://www.learnearnown.com/iblo  . 

This article was published on 18.12.2018 by Ibrahim Keith
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