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Our Impact101 Crowdfunding System is Simple, Easy And FUN!

“I call my friends, I text my friends and I say do me a favor and  

watch this video and if you have any interest get back to me.

That’s all I do – I let the video do the work for me!" – Randy T. TX

Our Team Motto is -  

Help Two - Who Help Two. Or as we like to say in our Community - 

Share - Give - And Receive!

Step 1: Pay Your Membership Fee ($25 for 6 months or $40 for 1 year)  

Step 2: Then Make Your TWO Donations Immediately Starting At the $40 Level  

Step 3: You Find Two Who Become Active Member & They Each Find  

Two Who Become Active Members

Watch Our Overview Video 

There's a total of just 8 Donation Grid Levels Centers with "Follow Me" 

tracking from level to level (same or higher)

The simple way to get going is YOU HELP 2 and THEY HELP 2 

Get Their Two....

Remember JUST a One-Time Out Of Pocket Donation EVER and  



It’s your decision: you may join a Single level starting at the $40  

like everyone does....

Or join at a Combination of levels like joining the $40 and the $80  

level. Or go level by level and JOIN ALL OF the Donation Grid

Levels so you get HALF of all donations that you, your team and

their referrals that come in:

You can receive 50% from each of the 8 Donation Grid Levels  

of $40, $80, $150, $300, $600, $1200, $2400, $4800

$40 Level you can receive 6 donations of $20 = $120  

$80 Level you can receive 6 donations of $40 = $240  

$150 Level you can receive 6 donations of $75 = $450  

$300 Level you can receive 6 donations of $150 = $900  

$600 Level you can receive 6 donations of $1,800 = $1,800  

$1,200 Level you can receive 6 donations of $600 = $3,600  

$2,400 Level you can receive 6 donations of $1,200 = $7,200  

$4,800 Level you can receive 6 donations of $2,400 = $14,400  

If you were in ALL the Donation Grids and completed them JUST  

ONCE a Month – that’s $28,710!!!

I don’t know about you but $28,710 will always change my life and 

financial situation.

Now let’s say you only complete ALL the Grids once every two months.  

So $14,355 in one month and another $14,355 the next month is not

bad either.

Or take 3 months that would be $9,570 a month… That’s pretty good –  

that’s not even counting your team brining in others…

Now In Choosing Grids - Remember that ALL donations for any Grid  


So don’t join until you have the membership & donation funds ready. 

We don't do pledges - we go by PAID donations.

So you will pay your Membership Fee ($25 for 6 Months or $40 for  

1 Year) Then pay 2 donation levels you want to join at…

When your Donation Grid fills another one automatically opens  

for you to start receive more donations by filling in your Grid Spots !

One note we do NOT take out your Rejoining Fees out of your Donations - 

that is something YOU GET to CHOOSE and make a decision on.


from multiple levels simultaneously without limit all 8 levels!

But Remember 50% ALWAYS GOES TO YOU. 

What ARE You Waiting On? 

Join Up In Impact101 Today :

Partner in Your Success, 

Sandeep raj


skype: rajguru021

This article was published on 20.04.2016 by Sandeep Kumar
Author's business opportunity:

impact101 - Crowdfunding, 25 USD to join

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