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5 Cash flow Streams

Hello my name is Valencia and I want to tell you about this great life changing opportunity that I'm a part of. 

 Its a Company Called MyEcon which is a Personal Financial Success service that's been around for 14 years

.  We are an A+ Rating company which has paid out to date over a hundred Million dollars in profits.  WE show 

you how to do an income shift by fixing your W4 and putting a few hundred dollars into your current 

paycheck, between $200-$600 plus.  We then help you reset your credit score to a 750 in 60-90 days by 

deleting collections, medical bills, late payments and more. We have a great Credit monitoring service as well. 

ID Defender is a amazing service that protects your family and yourself, Identity is stolen every 2 seconds. 

There is also A Cash Back mall where you can get up to 30% off on all your purchases online from restaurants 

and stores that you already shop from.  We also have some nutrition products coffee that offers antioxidants 

and a slimming effect. There is also roadside assistance which can cover yourself and spouse with one other 

family member. This is such an amazing opportunity like no other. Once you have boosted your credit we 

show you how to gain credit and your now able to refinance your mortgage or car loan. This is an home base 

business and most don't know as a regular employee you are taxed more!  This business will allow you to 

write off all expenses related to it, such as internet, cell phone, gas on the way to a meeting about the 

business. We are allotted over 400 tax brakes which will allow you to receive a bigger tax refund and also hire 

your children up to 12,00 a year and put them on your pay roll.  We generally want you to live a better debt 

free life and earn generational wealth for yourself and more importantly your kids.  Financial history and

 math proves debt is one of the biggest obstacles when one attempts to attain financial

success, especially consumer debt. In the following example, we show the amazing impact of applying

myEcon’s debt elimination system to get out of debt quickly.

myEcon’s system is unique because it generates cash flow to help Associates get out of debt. Many people

and companies talk about helping people get out of debt by applying extra cash flow to the principle of their

debt each month. However, for many people the system simply does not work because the debtors have no

extra money in their budget.

myEcon’s system helps the debtor create extra cash flow. Sign up today we have 6 & 7 figure earners that will 

give you all the training and tools need to earn today. . Thank you for your time Valencia Rowe Have a great day! 

This article was published on 25.09.2018 by Valencia Rowe
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Osei Ahmed Am in Ghana Can i join  4 years ago
Osei Ahmed Am in Ghana Can i join  4 years ago
Valencia Rowe Thank you Chris, Its truly a great opportunity which has been life changing. I'm glad you liked the content.   4 years ago
Chris Brown Great article Valencia - this is a great example of multiple sources of income, the number 1 financial strategy of successful business owners. Thanks for posting.  4 years ago

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