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Are you having a hard time managing your weight. You are not alone. Obesity is a major problem in most of the counties of the world. The extra weight has left people with a larger array of health problems and illnesses.

Are you or someone you know experiencing shortness of breath? What about heart trouble? You body was never meant to haul around excess weight. Our poor diets have extensively cause our population to consume pain killers. This has led us to have problems with our backs and our joints.

There has been an increase if adults and even children suffering from Sleep Apnea. Our terrible eating habits are making us sick and decreasing our life expectancy.

There has been a significant rise in type 2 Diabetes.  There is a rise in high blood pressure.  

Most people drink way too much soda and eat way to much snack foods. We all find ourselves eating at fast food restaurants. The companies that market these products spend millions on advertising. These companies are publicly traded. Their main focus is not our health but the profits  they are earning for their shareholders.

Also we consume an increasing amount of processed food. I know that we are all so busy and it is easier to grab a box off the shelf than to make things from scratch.  

So what can we do? For one thing we must get back to the basics. When we go to the grocery we need to start our shopping in the fresh food section of the store. We all need to rethink our eating habits.

Every day we should consume fresh vegetables and fruit. Think of your plate as three sections when you eat.

One half of the plate should  be a fresh salad and vegetables. One fourth should be your meat portion and the last fourth should be your carbs. Remember that bread and potatoes are both carbs.

Next, we need to increase the amount of healthy snacks. 

On top of that we all need to get moving. Take an evening walk.  Do some stretches. Try some simple exercises. Start slow and gradually increase your activity.

Last but not least we should consider taking supplements and using meal replacements.

Make small changes and continually implement these strategies. 

You will be amazed at the change there will be.

Feel free to message me and share your struggles and your victories.

Be sure to stop by my website and register for free.

Feel free to message me for information. 

Let's get healthy together.

James Walker

This article was published on 28.05.2016 by James Walker
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