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Introducing Onecoin: The future of payments; an investment in digital currency

Hello, I would like to tell you about the great investment opportunity open in the world of digital currency and onecoin in particular. Money as we know it to be wasn't money some years back. Money and monetary transactions started as Trade by Barter and later evolved to the storing of wealth in precious metals like Gold, silver, Diamonds etc, then came the formation of the Banks whose first duty was to safeguard your gold and give a receipt of payment to whoever you did business with. The Banks later became too powerful and later formed 'fiat money' which we use till date. Over time in 2008, there came the first digital currency called Bitcoin which shaped the world of payments and showed that business can be done without interference from the banks and greedy investment authorities but Bitcoin had its own shortcomings which our product, ONECOIN has come to ameliorate. Onecoin is a better version of Bitcoin because it is more secured,with a dedicated management team, a known owner/founder, registered business and offices in Bulgaria and Dubai with a global vision and the only cryptocurrency backed up by real GOLD, AurumGold Company. Onecoin offers 3 basic features viz:

An Education: Here the company teaches you right from scratch; the basic terminologies and meaning of cryptocurrency, arms you with the requisite knowledge of this new concept and aids you to become a successful trader in cryptocurrency.

An Investment Opportunity (with over 500% ROI in less than two years) The value of onecoin started from 10cents like Bitcoin in September 2014 and has now risen to 5.65euros barely 17 months later. It is set to get as high as 25-35euros per unit by december 2016 so you can imagine how much your investment will be worth if you buy into it now. If Bitcoin with all its challenges could get up to $1200 per unit from 10 cents, Onecoin is set to reach this dazzling heights and even more in little or less than five years!

An Occupation where u can earn in euros weekly simply by building a team!

I bet it will change your life just like it has changed mine!!! This is the only digital currency backed up by another company thus making the price/value stable and steadily rising! Digital currencyhave come to take the place of paper money in so many ways. Where paper money is prone to inflation, digital currency is prone to appreciation thus a veritable investment in these hard times. Below is a youtube link that explains the evolution of money from paper currency to digital currency; the advantages of Onecoin over Bitcoin and the nine (9) different ways to profit from Onecoin. DONT MISS IT!

Please click on the link to watch it now.

SIGN UP NOW FOR A FREE ACCOUNT and you can activate it anytime you so wish after looking through the system.


This article was published on 24.05.2016 by Tuedor A. Jackson
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