Sometimes money isn't everything!

Hello, for those of you who do not know me my name is Brandi Adams, I am 43 years old, married and I have a 15 year old daughter!  I am also legally blind NO vision in my left eye and very little in my right eye.  I have spent years searching for ways to earn money from home but until recently they have all been disasters!

My father-in-law passed away suddenly on December 17, 2013 and that was the day my world changed!  It was no longer about money it was about life and helping others!  He was a kind giving man who gave away millions to others and I wanted to be that person so I set out to do just that!  I started fundraising and helping others and everything I earned I gave away!  I finally decided it was time for my 15 year old and I to do something together so I became an Independent Designer with Keep Collective!

I had tried many products in the health and wellness area but my daughter and I had a near death reaction to some of these products!  We also tried beauty items and we had the same issues with our skin so I knew I had to think out of the box and do something TOTALLY different so guess what??  I discovered Keep and they have been in business less than 2 years and launched in Canada in April of 2016!  I have earned so much money without being pushed and stressed over recruiting! In this company it is about others and caring and sharing and that is what I have been looking for for years!  

Keep uses a unique system to create one of a kind keepsakes for individuals!  Our business has grown so much in the last 4 months that I am now looking for people to help me!  I will pay you for every product sold if you will share my website on your social media, blog, or website!  I have incorporated this into my fundraising as well so if you have a group looking to raise some money please contact me all purchased from that group will go to them!  There is NO inventory it is ALL done online and shipped directly to the customer!  I look forward to working with you soon!  Have a great day!!

Brandi Adams

This article was published on 10.08.2016 by Brandi Adams
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