Looking for 20 people who are TIRED of being inside of their houses!

I know youre were tired of being at home!

You know, all day long while we were dealing with the pandemic of 2020!

Sitting there with wither your wife/husband, your kids, your roommates or solo with nothing better to do.

You binged watched almost every single Netflix Known to man or ordered from Door Dash way too many times.

You got sick and tired of being stuck inside and look out of the window because youre ready to escape. Escape the lockdown, and up til June, youve been feeling this way for the last 3 months now.

Thank goodness its almost over! But the problems were still there...

Yes thats right!, after 3 months of being bored in the house or in the house bored. After several arguments of sorts with your spouse or sufficient other.After the headaches you had from your kids and stress or anxiety you had to endure. Life sorta goes back to normal. You can go shopping again with precaution. You can partake certain activities with precaution. Yet still, whats the fun of earning money online or with a network marketing company if you have no place to go?

My friend, those days are also over for you. Because what Im about to share with you is going to change your life and the way you think business forever. Hopefully anyway.

Root of the problem..

You see, when I started doing network marketing 10+ years ago, I wanted time and freedom. In a sense, so do you, thats why youre on this site in the first place. But more personally, I wanted time and freedom to go places, literally and would dream of traveling to far off lands, even wishing to be a digital nomad or at least thought of it. Because with a traditional 9-5 job right now, if youre still in the essential work cycle, you simply cant take a vacation when you want.

For some of yall, you cant take a vacation because youre stuck! Stuck in your home towns with your family, your kids and spouse. You never have enough money to getaway or leave. You have bills to pay, or kids to attend to and it blows for you. Now Im not saying that domestic life sucks, because thats simply not true. But what I am saying is the average American Family doesnt even travel..PERIOD!

Because theyre either stuck at a life sucking job that affords them only 1 week vacation minimum a year


they have too much going on with the kids and spouses needs that they cant book a vacation somewhere.

Life is finally getting back to normal Again for most countries so heres my burning questions for you..

  • Do you love travel?
  • Do you want more time and freedom to travel by yourself or with your family?
  • Do you want to still participate with your primary business yet travel at wholesale prices?
  • If youre looking for a network marketing business right now, do you want to be apart of something with people who will help you reach your goals, build your business and travel to places you could never imagine?
Fresh air, NOT being stuck inside

If the answer was yes to most or all of those questions then I have proposal for you! Right now, Im looking for 20 people who are living in areas around the world where things are opening back up again and are desperately ready to pack their bags and go far away from where they are right now! Or even a State away from where they are!

  • Im looking for people who want to travel without worrying about burning their pockets in the process. They want to save money so that they can actually travel!
  • Im looking for people who are network marketers who are teachable and take action and know 4 people who want to travel and save lots of money in the process
  • I m looking for people who might not be interested in the business side of things but still wish to travel and save money.

If this sounds like you, ,the type who knows LOTS of people who want to go to Vegas or Miami, OR wants to leave the states altogether for holiday.

I dont want to sell anything, I just want to use the booking engine And book trips!

No Problem!

Then I need you to Click HERE and take some action today! Join as a New Member and try our SILVER membership! Only $25 a month, cancel anytime. Think of us as the Netflix of travel!

When you do, Ill be there waiting for you. Ill introduce you to the squad. Well train you on how to effectively build your team and finally, show you how to take it easy and vacation whenever you want.

I want to join the business side of things!

OK! Lets get you signed up to our incredible travel business ( CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP) When youre done, Ill give you a call and help you get started!

For My Tiktok Generation E-boy and E-girls (18 and just graduated )who love experiences more than money!

Do you love to travel the world with your friends and experience memories that will last you forever! AIght BET!

Text GETAWAY to 2192159392 and well see you on the beaches of the world.

This article was published on 08.06.2020 by Kyle Smith
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