Make a dollar while making your home and family safe and healthy

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and remember to be thankful for those that sacrificed for our freedom. Hi my name is Robert and I have been looking for a business that I can do at home to spend more time with family and travel. That is a dream that everyone has right? To get out of the rat race and fire their boss. To be able to have the flexibility to devout more time to what really matters. Like spending time with family, traveling, volunteering, and never missing your child’s soccer or football game again. Or if you are older and the kids are grown, you and your spouse being able to spend more time together going places you always wanted to go.

How would you like to do that and still be able to make money that is residual? I looked at companies that had high fees to get in, then once you’re in, you had to buy big amounts of products and getting paid was even a bigger hassle. One company I was with, you could have a big team that you have built that are working hard selling under you, but if you didn’t keep adding customers yourself, you wouldn’t be paid at all. Talk about frustrating right? You do all this work to build a team and they keep the money cause you had a bad month or an family emergency that prevented you from working. Been there done that bought the T-shirt and moved on.

My wife I became discouraged and had enough of working in businesses who have a way of promising the world and not deliver. We took some time off and got back into the rat race once again. It was a short time later when we became tired of being told how much time we can have off and making money for other people. The same feeling all business minded entrepreneurs get when working for other people. There has to be more than this.

One day I was on my Facebook and saw my friend posting some products that she have been using that are safe and healthy without harsh chemicals. They have products we use every day for example: cleaning supplies, vitamins, supplements, snacks, and many others. So I decided to contact my friend about the company that is cheap to join at $19 a year, but on special for the month of May for a $1. You can either choose to be a customer and enjoy the products or make it a business, which I am sure interest you more. Why not make extra money or build a business while using these products. To make it a business you have to purchase 35 points worth of products a month, but the beauty of it is you are buying items that you are already using in your home. You are just changing we’re you spend your dollars. These items are safer without the harsh cancer causing ingredients that you find in a store for the same price. A lot of the cleaning supplies are concentrated, so they can last longer.

On the business side of it, all you do is refer people. There is no stock to purchase to sell or customer quotas to make. You are making money on what they buy simply by just referring people. You gain customers by talking about the products to family, friends, coworkers, or while you are out.

If you would like to know more let me know. I would love to connect with you about this opportunity. My email is Thank you for taking the time to read my article, and maybe you are not interested in a business opportunity, but want to make your home safer for your family please email me to find out how.

Thank you,


This article was published on 29.05.2019 by Robert Keaton
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Home wellness - All natural products, 19 USD to join

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