COVID 19 Got You Down? This May Be Exactly What you Need!

CODIV 19: Your New Reasoning and Value is NOW

By John Green, RN, MSN

     I am a Nursing Director working on the front lines in New york. Right Now times are strenuous and uncertain. People are struggling at home, missing their friends and family, and unable to make ends meet. Some are gambling more than others, causing a huge riff in society. My first Message to you as a healthcare worker is this:

Regardless of what you read, this is no joke. These are some of the sickest patient's I have ever experienced in my 23 year career. Please wash your hands, protect yourself, and your loved ones until things clear. 

How Can you Make the Best out of this New World?

     For years I have been on a quest to help people build  a better life. Information is key to changing your lifes direction. People are social beings and REQUIRE connections and contact to feel alive, valued, and worthy. SO many people struggling with the whole "online income" and "online business" due to automation and point and click and then very little results. I say ...."NOW IS YOUR TIME TO WAKE UP! "

     Personal connections, relationships, support, and energy is more important now than ever. People are connecting online using platforms like GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. New relationships from online freinds are growing by the millions. Team gatherings are taking place, creating new energy, reducing self-isolation, decreasing depression and giving new hope! This makes me Very Happy as a Nurse who expereinces depression everyday in people unable to cope with this horrible Pandemic. 

      I have made amazing connections outside of the hospital and have found the personal reward through helping others enjoy their home more, reengage with friends and family online! One amazing Lady I just helped is now reconnecting with her family because she has a new reason too! It's more than the "Hey Mom, hope your safe" and now "Hey Mom, I am so excitted to share this with you. It will help you now more than ever" conversations! This is a HAPPY VIRUS that will bring joy and value to people's lives. Havng a Hone Based Business gives you just this ability. A TRUE and EXCITING reason to stay in touch with people that need your help more than ever!

     If you currently have a business that can TRULY help people stay safe, live healthier lives PLEASE REACH OUT TO  YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, and LOVED ONES! They need you now more than ever. Be genuine, be caring, be present, and stay connected. This will help them and you! Endophins will rush through your body and provide you with energy. Calls will increase and you will become alive again. Break FREE of the Click and Enter Infromation Business Game Plan and Start building the connections you need to change your business!

     Iff you are home and not working PLEASE keep a schedule to help your psyche and normalcy. Prevent sleeping in late, not keeping schedules, and avoiding conversation. Set up your day and schedule events to keep you feeling human! 

  • 8 am Wake and breakfast
  • 9 am Exercise
  • 11am : call 5 people in my life to say hi and see how they are doing
  • 1pm: Chat with my Social Media Friends
  • 3pm: Take the dogs for a short walk (maintaining social distances) - say hello to 5 people who are sitting on therir porches (Noticed how much this has increased?)
MY POINT IS THIS: Don't sit around, feeling sorry for yourself.......WAKE UP AND REMEMBER WHY YOU GOT INTO YOUR BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE! Let this be a new motivation and reason for your to offer people what your business can do for them!

     A few Days ago I was able to help a few people online get hand sanitizer! I was so happy they felt safer and they were so grateful! 3 Months ago this would NEVER have helped me make connections around hand cleanliness and how all the stores are out....I now have another way to help people in dire need and it feels AMAZING! 

     I thank you for taking the time to read this and reflect on your new motivation and inspiration to get virtually "GET OUT THERE" and build and grow your businesses! I welcome you to connect with me on Facebook and start a conversation anytime! New friends are essential now! 

     Stay motivated and get creative! Leads and connections are what makes Home Based and Network Marketing Survive! I want us all to survive and grow! Let's get our economy back in gear and use all this stimulus money to help people WISLEY! Are you with me?....LOL! 

        I welcoem you to visit my Website as I have continued to work on it and have started meeting more people! I even received a lead today from a lady in a community next to mine! How cool is that?! 

                Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Healthy


John Green

Visit: Work with John Green .com 

Thank you!

This article was published on 11.05.2020 by John Green
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