Hello my name is Forsyth. How are you today? I believe you are doing just great as usual. Have you completed your registration on Five2BTC? If yes, what level are you now? Have you gotten the two referrals you need? What has been your experience so far. Please feel free to share your honest testimonial and experience with me by replying to this message through email. Thank you

If your answer is No, meaning you have not registered, will you be kind enough to tell me why? I would be glad to know why you have not registered yet. Please feel free to send your response by replying this mail. I would love to hear the honest truth from you as to why you have not registered for this amazing opportunity.

Here is my advise for you, I wouldn't know why it's taking you so long to register but whatever the reason may be, I highly advise you to get in as soon as possible. Don't forget that once you make the first payment which is 0.01BTC, you do not need to bother funding wallet or paying money again. Subsequent upgrade you want to do will come from the money being paid to you from your downlines. So even if it is to borrow it, Please do and start building your team. The earlier the better. If you start making money in Bitcoins now, it is all for your own betterment. In few weeeks time, we don't know what 0.01BTC would be by then. Bitcoin appreciates very fast...

I am only giving you an advice I can give to my blood sister or brother. You have the choice to either heed to it or ignore it.

If you have friends, neighbors, relatives, church members who are jobless, this is an avenue for them to make money every month. This is more like a salary because it reoccurs every month.

Now, if you have registered and you have not upgraded, remember there is a dead line for that, the system would completely remove you once it's 24hrs and you have not upgraded your account. You don't have to wait for that to happen. You already know you will pay your sponsor after registering so why do you have to delay in doing that?

Your only means of saying thank you to your sponsor for inviting you into such an amazing income opportunity is to simply pay him or her in order to upgrade your level so you can also receive money from the people below you.

Once you finish registering your account on Five2BTC, make sure you copy the contact details of your sponsor and keep it safe somewhere should incase you want to contact him or her in future.

If you have registered and the system has removed you and you now need another referral link to register again, simply signify by sending your request to

Now for those who have joined the Five2btc and upgraded to level one or level 2, etc, here is an important message for you. Please pay close attention.

If you don't know how to talk or explain to someone about this business opportunity, simply write the url below somewhere,

www.tinyurl. com/five2btc (make sure there are no spaces in between the letters)

You can e-mail it or send it to the person you want to refer using your referral link, tell the person to go through this page first and then call you thereafter.

The link I just gave you would redirect the person to the article you read on my blog concerning Five2btc, let them go through the article too. If they find it fascinating and want to join, then give them your own referral link to join.

I intentionally wrote this article so that every member of my team can use it to get their referrals. You have the right to use this article to get your referrals by simply telling them to also go through the write-up and then make up their mind to join. Under no condition should you copy or lift this article from my blog and put it on your own page, blog or website.

If you want to join the whatsapp group, please contact Jide on Whatsapp, 08167695706

He would add you to the whatsapp group. Please note that this group is only for those who have upgraded their account to level one or level 2 or more. If you have not joined or paid your sponsor, you don't have to request to be added to the group.

Always do your best to carry your team members along. Your team members are your downlines. Remember, their progress is also your progress. If you don't understand when and how to upgrade to the next stage, contact your sponsor.

If u need help to set up your account or buy bitcoins, you can contact me on 08099596548 or the email address given above

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