My 3 top Tips for 2016 PART II

So you have found the perfect program to join, or maybe 2 or three, and now you need something essential to ALL Platforms:


You need people to join with you, to build your team, down line or become a customer. What ever the business is you must get people to come and see it for themselves. So what is the best way to generate large volumes of traffic specifically to come and check our YOUR opportunity or products?

The proven and absolute best way to generate traffic is good quality content. It's why these business announcements on MLM Gateway are so successful and blogs etc.. A well written and informative piece of content will always generate traffic through genuine interest in that contents topic. This is where my next recommendation comes blasting onto the scene:


The first thing people say about ZUBBit is "What a weird name for anything" and they'd be correct but it's a name not easily forgotten just like the tool itself. I can quite honestly say that ZUBBit, in my opinion, is one of the best and simplest - yet GENIUS - inventions since the internet itself and it will generate traffic to your offer like nothing else ever has using the power of CONTENT...


Have you ever seen an article going absolutely crazily viral across the social networks which is perfectly related to the 'niche' you promote and thought "Wow! I wish I'd written that - it's going nuts"?

Well you could go and spend a few hours writing your own piece then trying to get momentum behind it so people saw it and then might click on your Call to Action within it to get to your offer. Or you could just ZUBB it, share it and watch as the traffic comes tumbling in.

How does it work?

ZUBBit enables you, within minutes, to place YOUR OWN Call to Action (Advertisement with link) onto almost ANY web page from Blogs to National News Articles and then you can share that article anywhere. When someone lands on it they will see the article plus your ad placed wherever on the page you want it inviting them to click and check out your offer or product. If they then continue to look through the website your ZUBB will be on every page they visit, tempting them to come and see what you have to offer. I had over 1,000 opt ins for an offer I had in ONE DAY from a strategically placed ZUBB and sold 170 copies of my Facebook Training Course all from a single ZUBB and ALL IN ONE DAY!

One Day Opt in Results for Facebook training

Imagine you are a member of one of the many Travel affiliates out there selling cheap holidays and being paid for new referrals. You find a article about the Caribbean that's going viral and put your ZUBB right on it, then share it it with 100's of Travel and Holiday groups who don't allow advertising posts but are happy to publish the wonderful article for their members. BAM! your traffic starts to come in form your "Get paid to travel" ZUBB! The possibilities are limitless and so is the TRAFFIC.

Here's a ZUBB I placed right in the BBC News website on a Facebook story and the story was talking about new Facebook technology so I advertised ZUBBit and got 4 new signups in a week - They are still coming because I still share that story.

ZUBB in BBC site

You can choose your ZUBB from templates or completely design your own. You can have unlimited ZUBBs running at any time, anywhere and you can create different Brands and CTAs. There are different levels depending on how many click throughs you need every month and you can change at any time to cope with higher volumes of traffic. You can ever monitor how many clicks a ZUBB has had and the conversion rate of your visitors. Useful to split test your promotions. I have never used anything that approaches the effectiveness of this amazing tool.


ZUBBit is worth is weight in gold as a stand alone marketing tool but here's the amazing PLUS POINT: You can also (up to you) become an affiliate and get paid up to 50% for every new referral joining with you. You will be paid every month for up to 12 months for all your new customers. ZUBBit is worth the small cost without this facility but as an affiliate not only will a few sales cover you costs but it will make you direct residual income too. how good can this product get?

In Summary ZUBBit is simply THE VERY BEST traffic generator you will ever see. You can TRY IT FREE for up to 100 clicks to get the chance to  it and see just how good it is. I guarantee when you try it YOU WILL BUY IT. CLICK HERE for your "Test drive" now and you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Wishing you success always - Bali John :-)

This article was published on 19.05.2016 by John Ward
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