VukaBee Lifestyle Healthy Breakfast Challenge

Whatever your goals are:

Boost immune system

Weight control: gain/ lose/ tone up

Lose bloating

Improve skin

Increase energy/ sport activity

Speed up your metabolism

Extra income

We help our clients to achieve the above.

It all starts with a 21 day Herbalife Healthy Breakfast Program.

We offer:

Solutions to meat your nutrition and goals.

Meal plans

Body workout guides

Online coaching and support

24/7 Business Mentor for those who join for income purposes.

We offer a 21 day breakfast challenge to anyone who wish to change their lifestyle to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Why 21 days challenge?

This because we want people to get time to adapt to new habits, learn to use new meal plans and workout guides. For the challenge we create an online group which is open to all participants at all times. where everyone feels at home as it is where we share our successes and challenges of our firness journey. All rules and progress meetings are posted in the group so that anyone feels free to share and it becomes a rule that all members share their progress in the group. I individuals are also welcome to contact their mentors outside the group but anything that concerns the group needs to be posted in the group.

A groups can be started with any number of people as long as it is more than one person and it can grow as we recruit more members or clients into the programm.

For the people who would join the team as member who wants to make income, general network marketing skills are required for one to become a distributor. Al we do is copy and paste from our mentors to run the business. We use products to get personal body results, we talk to as many people as possible and wear our Herbalife branding at all times. If you want to build your own organization, of active members who will build a healthy and happy community you may join us. We mentor new distributor into our organization through 24/7 online suport.

The only key to success in this is to have discipline and do as others who are successful in this business do. Know your Why and put effort in a consistent way.

Thank you

This article was published on 02.07.2020 by Augustine Ngcobo
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