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Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetics company founded in 1967 by 2 brothers ( siblings).

We are 50 years old and still country and we operate in over 70 countries of the world.

What is good/ special about oriflame?

*We are the number 1 direct seller of cosmetics in the whole of Europe.*

*We are one of the top 20  best network marketing companies of the world (2018 rating).*

*we are also the 3rd largest seller of fragrances in the world.*

This business opportunity is for you if;

You need an extra source of income that won't tamper with your current job.

You need time/financial freedom

You are a student who wants to be able to take care of your handouts and also not have to come out of school insearch of a job

You are looking for something to do after retirement

You are tired of 8 to 6 job.

I present to you an opportunity that has changed the lives of almost 400,000 Nigerians and over 3.8million people in 70 countries of the world.

Many of us must have heard about it but probably haven't been open minded enough to hear how it works as opposed to what we have heard from non consultants.

 In oriflame, we get paid for all these:

We buy to use, we get paid

we refer people we get paid

After staying for a while and hit new level(s), you get paid.

We all know cosmetics is what we use on daily basis and you can imagine getting paid for buying your normal body cream and other products you use daily on yourself to look good ...ain't that awesome????

Now the company tells u this:

*Shop with us your daily use products and get paid at the end of the month for buying*

*Shop and sell and make 30% profit on each sold product and still get paid at the end of the month for buying*

*Invite your friends too to shop and still get paid too for bringing them to buy*

Isn't that amazing??

Guess it is right.

The company deals on our everyday use products like creams, toothpaste, body spray, roll on, face wash, body scrubs, perfumes, hair treatments, foot cream. Infact more of cosmetics generally.

You look great with oriflame products by purchasing for your own use. Most people join oriflame just to buy what they use for themselves and still get paid.

Now the products are 100%organic which means it's friendly to the skin

They don't bleach but can only work on your God given color making it glow

Now when u buy these organic products for use..they make u look good and so doing, u are enjoying the first opportunity.

Remember, you are being paid for using those products.

Now oriflame offers you 3 unique opportunities once u register with them

(1) Looking good.  (2) Making money.  (3) Having fun.

Perhaps you just want to increase your current income or know what it’s like to be your own boss. With Oriflame, you can achieve this and more

Join us for a low-risk way to:

*Look Great – use and work with the highest-quality beauty and wellness products that enhance your inner and outer beauty.*

*Make Money – earn an income by recommending and selling products whilst building your network.*

*Have Fun – get the chance to travel, meet new people and learn new skills.*

Oriflame has A wide range of products is designed to make you look and feel good, year-round:

*Beautiful skin*

Harnessing the power of natural ingredients, our skin care products deliver real results. Because for us, everyone deserves to feel confident in his or her skin.

*Healthy lifestyle*

Offering a simple routine with the highest-quality ingredients, our Wellness products and programs are designed to help you achieve your nutrition goals. Because for us, everyone should have the chance to live a healthy lifestyle.

*Personal expression*

Unleashing your inner beauty, our Make-Up, Personal and Hair Care, Fragrance and Accessories allow you to live your life the way you want. Because for us, everyone should be able to indulge and express oneself through a variety of products.

*Immediate profit*

Immediate profit is the physical gain you make when u sell any product. As a registered consultant u are entitled to buy 30% discount from the company

Now after registration, you  would be given your catalogs and the prices on the products there in the catalog are not actually what you are buying. You buy at what is called consultant price(because you are a registered consultant) and you  sell at catalog price (that is the price on the catalog). You can make up to #10,000 as a profit on some products depending on which u buy.

*Team building*

What I mean here is duplicating yourself.

The same way am telling you  about oriflame, you will now have to tell people too to join the business if you want to make more money. Actually this is the easiest and fastest way of earning in oriflame. When you get someone interested in the business, you register them under you and whatever the person buys from the company, you get a certain bonus from it.

Now u can discuss the opportunity with your friends,cousins,church members,neighbors and get them to sign up under you. That way u are building a chain of networkers that will make your business easier and faster.

But mind you, they have to earn in order for you to earn.

Oriflame is all about changing lives and you earn when someone under you does. This means, you have to carry the person you registered along and as she too is building his or her own business, you are earning.

You can actually earn more than the person that registers you in oriflame So long as you work more than the person, you earn more.

*Cash awards*

Now I call cash awards. It starts from Managers level. It is an extra cash given to you  which is outside your salary for a job well done and for getting to a particular level. This cash award ranges from 250,000 to 150million.  It’s free money given by Oriflame to celebrate your Success. It’s not your pay, it will be added your income for the month.

Now one thing again is this; Oriflame is not for everyone, It's either you are doing it passionately or you  are not doing at all. If u want to grow in this business, always be ready to learn. Do not wait on the person that added you or told you about it, God just used them to favor you.  learn to run on your own. All you need for this business is a smart phone believe me.

If this doesn't motivate u, I don't know what will.

*No CV*

*No job interview*

Your earning is limitless, It can grow to infinity.

Join Oriflame and Register now. 

For more information and if you , you can contact me on 07084599768 or chat me up on whatsapp 08158167515.

This article was published on 01.08.2020 by Ologbosere Jennifer Morolake
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Oriflame - Cosmetics, Free to join

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