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Make 100% Commissions and become a millionaire in less than a year!

We recruit Sales Representatives to help businesses get Google Business Reviews from their customers. The Sales Representatives can build their own sales group, all on the Internet and from anywhere in the world. There is no cost to get started with us.

When you sign on you will get all the training you need to help Businesses get Google reviews from their customers. You will be able to offer a 14-day trial and invoice the business when the trial is over. You keep 100% of the commission.

After a 30-day period, when you have made money, you will pay $199 a month and keep on selling. You will charge the businesses you sign up anything you want to charge. Some have charged from $299 to $599 a month and some have given discounts for three-month contracts, six-month contracts, and year-long contracts.

When you recruit others into your business, after 30 days they will also pay $199. You will receive $60 for each who signs up, $30 for each of those who they sign up, and $10 for each of those who they sign up. Everyone who signs up earns 100% commissions of what they sell. 

Here is the way the money is made from your recruiting: If you sign up 5 Sales Reps a week for 4 weeks, you have 20 signups which is 20 X $60 = $1,200. If your 20 sign ups do the same and sign up 20, that’s 20 X 20 X $30 = $12,000. If those at the next level sign up 20, that’s 20 X 20 X 20 X $10 = $80,000.

When we add up the figures, its $1,200 + $12,000 + $80,000 = $93,200! In 12 months, it amounts to 12 X $93,200 = $1,118,400 which makes you a millionaire! You will actually become a millionaire in less than a year because 11 months X $93,200 is $1,025,200. You do the math!

What this means, is even though you make 100% commissions selling the product, you can become a millionaire in less than a year just from recruiting Sales Representatives alone. This can be done with recruiting only 20 Sales Representative within a month and encouraging them to do the same. Would you stop recruiting Sales Representatives after 20 when you don't have to?

Every business wants and needs the product that we are selling. You can offer a free, 14-day trial and you will have a video that sells the product for you even if you are not good at sales. This includes you if you want to sell for 100% commissions.

There is no cost to start, all of the training is free, and you can be a millionaire in less than a year. All you have to do to get started is sign on after watching the video at:

We’d love to have you with us.

James Graves-Barakaat

This article was published on 15.02.2022 by James Barakaat
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