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Why is gold the right way to save your extra income?

Even since ancient Egypt, gold was used as a mean of payment above everything else. Why is that? Gold has all the right properties to be money, it doesn’t rust, it’s always the same, you can’t duplicate the amount of gold in existence on any given day and it is recognized everywhere as a precious metal with real properties.

Since the last century, gold is the only asset class that has seen rise due to the devaluation of paper money, everything else simply fell with it. The gold has risen 400% more than the S&P 500 stock index in the last 50 years, facts period. Getting a one ounce bar is around 1700 CAD, the worst part is, if you need some of your investment back for some unknown reason, you would have to take out the whole investment in one time. Some bars are also simply counterfeit that looks like the real thing, 99% of people would be deceived by them and most of them are still thinking they made the right choice stacking those up. Believe me, this is far from the truth as it can be. To own physical precious metals, you must have top of the line credential on it like a certificate of authenticity, a serial number and stamps on every bar. That's why most people still think it's very hard to own authentic real gold and store at an affordable price.

By saving in gold, you set yourself apart from 99% of people who don’t own money insurance like precious metals in bullion form. If it was that easy to own gold, trust me, everyone would do it. Owning gold comes with safety risks, transaction fraud risks and also it’s very expensive to get.

Why would I make an article saying all that with a title like this. Because obviously there a couple of good ways of getting your hands on some of them:

First, you could go on an auction site like ebay, find a very highly voted seller with more than 10 000+ ratings. Most often than not, those are the mints themselves and if not, you are very likely to get a pro seller with real product.

Second, you could go on a bullion store in real life, walk in, get the tester reading for the purity and off you go with real gold. You are guaranteed to get the real thing that way, because those stores always check everything before they buy it for themselves.

But wait, the good part is coming. Simply because I have found the one business that makes it easy to acquire gold conveniently very frequently and at low cost. That’s right, by buying gold gram bullion with unlimited lifetime storage, you are guaranteed to have a good time while saving in gold bars. The best part is, they can compensate you for sharing the business side with a Free affiliate compensation plan with no fees or quotas! My strong suggestion is down the link below:

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This article was published on 03.09.2018 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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