Favoured 4Corners Alliance

Turn a once off investment of $18 into more than $500 000 in months. For more information contact me @ pklaas37@gmail.com.

If you want to be financially free, join Four Corners Alliance Group, it is real, it pays weekly. You only need $18 once off and invite either you friend, partner, family member, colleague, neighbour etc. Teach them to do the same. This is a 4 x 6 Matrix and you will earn commission in all 6 levels. 

This is the most inexpensive business opportunity and the benefits include, high quality digital products, a weekly income potential, monthly residual income potential and a tremendous company support.

When you join:

Pay $18 once off, $10 automatically purchase level 1 Educational Ebooks, $8 dollars admin fee.

The next levels will be automatically paid out of your commission, from the second level to the last level.

The products: Financial Education Set

Level 1 = Financial Literacy - The essentials [book 1]

Level 2 = Lessons from the Intelligent Investor [books 2].

Level 3 = Credit Card Debt [book 4]

Level 4 = Protect yourself from identity theft [book 8]

Level 5 = Real Estate Investing [Book 10]

Level 6 = Investment Principles [Book 13]

This is a set of sixteen books, distributed through six purchase levels, detailing various Real World Financial Topics with a unique business emphasis to help you reach your full potential and explode your income.

There are many ways that you can do this business. Join with you $18 dollars and invite four people to do the same, and each find 4 people to do the exactly the same. Up to the 6th level. 

In your 1st and 2nd level you will earn $4 dollars for each referral. In level 1 you will have 4 x $4 = $16 of people that you have initially invited. The second level each is 16 people invited by your 4 people. You will therefore earn $4 x 16 = $64 dollars. The third level will have 4 x 16 people, meaning each person from the second level will invite 4 people. This will amount to 64 people, and at this level your commission goes up to $10 per person, you will therefore earn $640 at level three. This continues to level 6, where you will earn $24 for each person on level 4; at level 5 you will earn $60 dollars for every person, at level 6 you will earn $120 for every person.  

Remember you only paid once off $18 dollars to get started. You also gained rich knowledge  from the books in your back office. This is an opportunity not to be missed, life time opportunity.

Get started today, you definitely know 4 people and surely they also know 4 people. And we all at least know 4 people.

For a brighter future join today:


This article was published on 11.07.2016 by Portia Klaas
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Dean Hart Hi Portia - I really admire FCA - very strong company and a great choice for every marketers portfolio - #kudos  3 years ago

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