Biggest Internet Business Lie: You Don't Need to Recruit Anybody!

Why Would Anyone Within Our Industry Ever Say That?

How the heck can you "Build a Team" without actually, well, building a team of like-minded individuals?  I have been marketing and promoting on the internet since 2001 (20 years now) and I have heard a lot of things.  However; when I hear marketers say:  "YOU DON'T NEED TO RECRUIT ANYBODY" it really makes me want to correct them.  WHY?  That is the type of nonsense that gives our industry a bad name.  If an individual can not honestly, recruit, train and develop leaders simply by being factual then they have an issue.

The internet home-based business is a wonderful industry to be a part of but make no mistake.  It takes a lot of hard work to establish a solid foundation and develop a good core group of self-initiated leaders.  Then on top of that, after you work diligently for months and sometimes years, you look around and you realize you may need to rebuild again.  WHY?  Perhaps everyone joined another opportunity.  Perhaps "YOU" were trying to do everything for everybody and when you stepped back...the team "YOU" thought "YOU" had were plugged into "YOU" and not into a "Duplicatable System". People Make "SYSTEMS" but "SYSTEMS" Make Money.

"YOU DON'T NEED TO RECRUIT ANYBODY"!  Yeah Right!  The Reverse is True.  "YOU" should never stop recruiting and training.  When you finally do recruit some team members, let them know that you spend the majority of your time "Recruiting...Training...Recruiting and Training".  Don't recruit one or two people then sit back and "MANAGE" your business.  No one works for you.  You are not the industry "GURU" that you perceive yourself to be.  Get your thumb off of people and go recruit somebody.

Never lie to people whom you approach about your business opportunity.  All you have to do is share information with people and let them know that this may not be for them and they may not be able to do it.  However;  if they take a look at the information that you are presenting to them they will be able to decide for themselves.  

We Are Mavericks!  The industry that we are a part of will help you in so many ways.  The personal development growth that you will get would rival that of any job training course in the world.  As you become mentally stronger, more professional and determined to succeed, always apply your skills along the way.  Always "Become Better Not Bitter".  I wish you much continued success with your home-based business endeavors.

Enthusiastically Yours,

William "Fired Up" Lykes    

                                       www.TheYouFactor.Biz                              www.CBDMillionaires.Club

This article was published on 17.01.2021 by William Fired Up Lykes
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