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We are launching new products the 26th of August!

This is exciting and fun! 

We are launching new products in our affiliate company. We already have about 40 different products, and on the 26th of August, we get more! 

We don`t know exactly what the new products are yet. I know one thing, the auto-responder is rebuilt, it`s new. The one we had was good, but many newbies struggled a bit. Now they have made it much easier to use.  And there is new tools for advanced marketers, and for sure for beginners too.

There is a launch with a lot of fun things happening. If you join us on the 26th and 27th, you can win prizes and good offers on the membership. 

If you join tomorrow on the 25th you will be grandfathered in, and if you hurry to promote it you may win prizes.

However.... the most important for me is, I want to tell you about this company because it has so many tools for online marketers. You can build your website three and your business funnel. Most companies have a website now, also those who are more an offline business, as a hairdresser salon, shoe stores, dog trainers, etc.

I know a woman who worked as a web designer for some years, but she always had to find new customers..and this stressed her so much. She didn`t know if she had the money for living next month. One day she saw our company online and looked closer at it. She joined, and now she feels relaxed and feels the freedom to schedule her own days. She can drive her kids to activities, she can stay with the family members when they are sick, she decides for herself how she wants her family life to be. That is what you get with an affiliate business like this.

There are many affiliate businesses where you don`t get residual income. You just sell to some customers you got from an ad.  And very often you never see the customer again. But with some affiliate businesses, you can get residual income. If you learn how to do it.

We don`t just have a residual income from customers, but we also get it from our customer`s customers! 

It`s not MLM though, because it is only 2 levels. This helps people a lot. Their sponsor wants to help them to get customers, and make money because then they make money too.

So when you get paid $200 from each customer the first month they are members and get 100% of this, you have $2000 that month. Then you get 30% the next months from the monthly membership.

There is a calculator you can play with to see how you can make a certain amount of money. Of course, there is no guarantee you will make money at all... so is business. But if you don`t know anything about how to start and run a business, do you think it is possible you can learn? 

Of course...

Still... there is no guarantee.... maybe you don`t do anything. 

There is learning and training involved. Especially if you are totally new to this. But the potential is there and I believe most people can make money there.

And if you don`t want to be an affiliate you can stay as a customer, get great tools, training and teamwork if you like. It´s much easier to achieve success together than alone. That`s my experience.

If you got a little curious about this, don`t hesitate to look at it. And if you want to join the launch it`s just 2 days left before it happens!  

Or you want to get grandfathered in and never pay more than the price when you join, then you have only tomorrow, the 25th of August 2021.

Do I see you on our team? Here is the link, CLICK HERE

This article was published on 25.08.2021 by Bodil Tonnevold
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