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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is it compulsory to refer?

Ans; No. In fact, you can earn $2,047 monthly over time as your team grows through spillovers without referring even a single soul.

2. If I join now, when will I get my first money?

Ans: The amount of money you get and when you get it depends on when you start getting spillovers and how many spillovers you have. You earn 2.50% of each $9.95 paid monthly by all spillovers under you down to 12 generations if you don't have any rank yet. So if they are 100 spillovers, you get 2.50% of $9.95 multiplied by 100. 

The same thing applies if you have 500,1000 or even 5000 spillovers. 

Getting this number of spillovers might take even a few weeks or months. As long as you're in the business, you'll make amazing income monthly. However, if you choose to expand your business and refer, you earn $25 from every referral. 

Very important part.

Payments of spillovers called matrix bonus of the current month are paid every first week of the next month. This means that it will be easy for you to take money from what you've been paid to purchase the product of your choice, if you want any of the company's product, and also pay your monthly $9.95 membership fee.

3.What if I don't want to buy their product

Ans: Why won't you love to use the product? However, if you don't want to, no problem because there's no requirement as to how many you can buy. There is no pv requirement here. Product purchase is purely by choice!!

4. How will i withdraw my earnings?

Ans: There are several options.

A. If you live in the US, you're paid directly to your local bank

B. If you live outside the US, you have the option of registering for an i-payout free account that will receive your dollar payment and help you process the dollar to your local bank account.

C. You can receive your payment through Bitcoin directly. The choice is yours.

5. I've introduced the business to someone but they want to see evidence first before they register.*

Ans: Evidence now abound. So many payments have been made to a lot of people so they will see and see and see!!!

6. How will I get the product?

Ans: Place order from back office and have it shipped to you. Remember you entered your shipping address while registering. Although we are looking at other easier methods.

7. How do I access my referral link?

Ans: Click on the menu, click on 'My Website', and then you will see 3 different links. The last link is your referral link. But if you've not paid your registration money, you won't see any referral link and won't have access to login.

8. We funded with Usdt. We should also have that option for withdrawal.

Ans: Work with what is available for now or better still, sign up with i-payout and have it deposited straight to your local bank account

9. If I pay the $50, will the product be given to me?

Ans: No. The $50 you paid is a combination of two payments, namely, membership fee of $9.95 + $40 affiliate cost. From this same $50, your uplines are paid referral bonuses depending on their generation above you. You can order your products from the back office, if you want to. 

10. Are there monthly maintenance?

*Ans:* Yes! If there is no monthly maintenance, such business won't last for many years. Monthly maintenance is the core reason why mlm companies last for over 10, 20 or even more years. The monthly maintenance are the $9.95. The money to pay for the monthly maintenance fee won't be a problem because you're paid every first week of the next month. So you can pay the $9.95 from the matrix bonus received.

This article was published on 16.02.2023 by Mohammed Amin Ibrahim
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