Be The Top Earner In Your MLM Company. Here’s How they do it...

Why Do the top earners in your MLM Biz seem to be making more money than you?

They Use Lead Generation Systems!

How do some of the top income earners in your organization build teams and make loads of money? They’re NOT begging family and friends or harassing neighbors and acquaintances, but using Lead Generation Capture Pages that helps them sell any product and service to their potential team day and night withut a lot of effort.

Just think about it for one moment: Why are THEY so successful yet, you’re still struggling like a chicken with it’s head chopped off at a butcher? This doesn’t have to be you and by using a powerful way to build your team on autopilot, you’ll now harness the power of top earning network marketers.

If you believe that your top guy from your business isn’t using a lead capture page, like this FREE one found one this link here, then they’re totally lying to you big time!

They have ways to follow up with their potential prospects on autopilot.

For several of the top hitters in your MLM company, using tools like e-mail sequencing auto responders helps with the process of effortlessly following up with their interested prospects. It’s important that their qualify leads receive pop up e-mails via their smartphone of the the offers to remind them about the information that they requested constantly in order to turn over a sell successfully. In many cases, some of these guys use Textbots to follow up with potential clients like the one found in this link here.

Thousands of people enter their information on their lead capture page by an offer bribe, in order to receive free information about that top earner’s recommended business and in exchange, receives E-mails and text messages as a form of follow-up. It’s no wonder these top earners are the number one team builders. Because they simply know that people fail, but systems don’t. 

Most top earners are good at attraction marketing

It’s hard to imagine it, but most of f your top income earners from your company probably started off recruiting on a platform like Facebook or Instagram using a well-known technique called attraction marketing. How that basically works is, they provide value too the said targeted audience about anything related to their business opportunity or life in general to have buyers lured into their company or team. Because why chase family or friends  to join your business when your family or friends could chase them?

This method could be achieve by either posting simple questions all over your facebook profile or by creating a fan page related to your MLM’s product and service. Some choose to manipulate the Facebook algorithm by asking simple questions like “What would you rather drink in the morning, coffee, or energy drink?” OR “What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon show growing up?”

Top Income Earners Buy NIche Specific Traffic To Their Fan Pages

For the more advance users in your business organization, creating a Facebook or IG page full of relevant content with social media paid ads is another clever way for them to load up on building a team.

Whenever you create a fan page on Facebook, you can create ads on it with a specific niche in mind. For example: Say you’re in the travel industry, but have a page on Facebook about traveling. You could simply create an ad with a special lead capture page to your travel money saving site. You can also target the audience who sees your ad. So in this case, 21-65 year old male/females in The United States whose interest is Cancun, Mexico , Thailand or love Said—travel magazine! Boom, you have created a niche of targeted potential buyers to look at your lead capture page via your Travel based fan page on Facebook and Instagram in most cases.

If You’re Planning To Be #1 In Your MLM Right Now, You Need To Do What The Top Income Earners Are Already Doing To Create An Army Of Buyers!

Trust me, I’ve been in this industry and talked to top earners to know that  sure, in the beginning, they started out with their warm and hot market of family friends and colleagues. But what happens after you run out of those personals? They start to invest in course on how to use attraction marketing to brand theirselves by using social media fan pages, lead generation system and follow-up E-mail and Smart Phone notification sequences to build massively, their teams within a 6 month period. This is also how you should try to build yours.

Let’s bare in mind however, that these folks also like yourself, went through horrid of trail and error. The numbers one key is being able to use a system that works for you and can be duplicated by your team to manifest the type of results you and people in your down line are looking to achieve.

This article was published on 16.07.2020 by Kyle Smith
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