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I have been a computer programmer for over twenty years and have seen the rise of the internet over that time. I feel the world is transforming over to a service to others model and away from a service to self model. You may be thinking what is service to self because it is not talked about a lot. Service to self is performing actions and activities that produce good or helpful results for yourself. An Example of service to self is accepting help from someone but not helping the person that helped you when they need it. Another example of a person that is service to self is accepting an item that is given to them and not thanking or helping the person that gave them the item. With that being said what is service to others you may ask. Service to others is on the opposite side of the scale. Service to others is is performing actions and activities that produce good or helpful results for others. A service to others person does not expect anything in return for doing something good for others. If they are offered anything they are very grateful for the return offer but are not disappointed if they don't receive something in return. 

From a marketing prospective the internet is a great communication tool that service to other people can use to drive change in society. If people involved in online businesses would take a service to others approach and use it to inform others of organizations trying to make life better for everyone amazing things could happen. I want as many people as possible to get behind citizen organizations and movements that are really trying to bring about change in America. If enough people participate in good citizen organizations we will make a difference in how our country is run and who is rewarded. You can inform people how they can make a difference and make money at the same time online. I argue that the people your trying to market your service to would be more responsive if you give them information on how to improve their lives outside of business. in addition informing people about good citizen organizations could make your prospects feel like you care more about them and that you are not just trying to get their money. 

This article was published on 05.09.2022 by Michael Schwery
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