Who Are you really building your list for? For Your Company? Or For You?...

Ever notice, when you begin to build your MLM business
or whatever it is you're promoting, for yourself, it ends
 up on your list--Yes! But, under a platform that is NOT

 As if You, Are the brand of that company,and
 not the company itself. Because, commonly
 enough, you're not supposed to use

the company name that you're promoting.
Anyhow, to get back to building your list,

 I have a short story to tell that is so important
as it relates to, "Are you building your very own list?
Are you able to add your own email, or your

 company's email swipes to your list.   Now...

  "My Story"...

Like you, I was pumped up and ready-to-go in my mlm business.
 It showed me a link to start building my list. It went to a
landing page that belonged to the platform the company attached
 to my list

 BUT..On that platform (AND ONLY THAT PLATFORM) was my list.

 Yeah, I could see it as plain as day! But, reality be told, it really
wasn't mine to do with as I please.Then as I saw something

 along the way to add to my subscribers of that list within the platform
, ...A pop-up said,"Not allowed to promote your offers to this
particular list unless given permission. 

 WAIT!  There's More!...wait til you read what happens Next!...

  To My Surprise! My list got up sells that sold ahead of me!
 And the company, because
I didn't participate got ALL Commissions Off My List!...

" YIKES! I was Floored!"   PROOF!...

 I had To ASK...

I actually emailed one by one, because you have the
right to communicate with your personal referrals and 
I found out they bought the up sells and there was
no commissions for me. 

The Company got the Back-End Sales to My LIST!

To put this story to an end. The company went
out of business. Not Only did the company go
out of business, but because me and my list

were on that platform? That Ended ME as well!
Did this ever happen to you? Think about that?

Now, you see why I had to write this, I was one 
of those newbie distributors who just didn't know
 all the ins-and-outs. 


I finally am able to build my very own list
add my MLM and all its email swipes FREE,
PLUS use a certain Viral, List-Building ,

website, that helps me build this list 5 times
faster. I won't lie, It works the same way as 
your MLM Business, In fact it wants you to 

ADD your Mlm list building techniques here,
with one twist, it can build your list 5 times 
faster once you use it...It is designed to work

 in your favor! And! Get This? It is 100% FREE,
So you can start building your list. That is,

Your Very own List...to send whatever you 
want! ...

There are, as any business would want, upsells
involved, but you don't have to order them
 to build your list. They are only tools to

increase your revenue as your list grows from
5 times faster to 10 times faster! But hey!....

"I'm happy with building my List 5 times faster!
wouldn't you?"

Just reading this with no hype, or trying to
 give you indian burns to join my program

Can you see the simplicity of this?

I don't know about you, but aren't you tired of
putting in all your hard work and effort into
building a list for some other company, or in
 some other platform...


You really should use this Viral List-Builder Now and 
take advantage of having your OWN List!

Because you read this far, I'd like to offer you my
personal rebrandable PDF "11 Ways To Grow Your LIST!"

 simply REPLY back with Send me your 
rebrandable PDF "11 Ways To Grow Your LIST!"

This article was published on 14.10.2019 by Michael Deluca
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