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My 3 top Tips for 2016 PART I

It seems everyday a new 'opportunity' or 'program' arrives in my inbox or pops up on the Social Media shout outs. We are all aware  that some work and some work for a while, then fizzle out and a few are outright no-hopers or someone trying to grab your money and run. So how do we tell what to go for and what to avoid? The simple answer is you usually have to 'suck it and see'. Unless the scheme is recommended by someone you already do business with or a well known, and honest, marketer you really do have to take the plunge and gamble.

The obvious ones to avoid are: MAKE MONEY FOR FREE schemes. Nobody ever makes money without investing money, time and effort. If it's 'Free' to join that doesn't mean it's free to use. And if it truly is a free platform as some of these 'ad click' platforms are you will spend hours and make pennies clicking ads all day long.

TO MAKE MONEY YOU MUST INVEST MONEY - IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. I am part of a Platform called Whole World which is probably one of the best and most stable programs out there. It's been running for over 4 years, has over 800,000 members and has so far in 7 months netted me over $220,000 from my original $105 start up fee (half of which went to charity helping seriously ill children). If you want to know more about Whole World you can connect with me here at MLM Gateway or watch out for Part III of this series

This is the superb, and here to stay, platform I want to cover today:

This is a platform of the matrix type that I don't usually get involved with because they do come and go and are not set up for success or sustainability (Whole World was and was tried and tested by the time I found it). But this one was recommended by a friend of mine who was also a good friend of the founders - two people with many years of experience and success in the industry and so I thought "Why Not? Let's give it a go!".

25 Dollar Legacy - Rapid Retirement Platform

Is a simple and sustainable matrix based system with a couple of (Paradigm Shift) twists. The first is there are 3 matrices not one huge one. The first is a tiny 3 x 3 so 39 people will fill it - The second 5 x 3 and the third 10 x 3. First of all this means it won't take you, and your referrals, too long to fill the first matrix so you can start earning regular residual income fast. Secondly everyone that enters the matrix, even if not referred by you, earns you $5 (Monthly not just once). Thirdly everyone you refer directly earns you an extra BONUS of $10. If you only have 2 direct referrals you are actually in profit each month. The start up cost is $25 a month but, as mentioned before if you get just 2 people in that is paid for from your profits so the $25 only ever comes from your pocket ONCE. You may open up the second and third levels at any time or stay on level one as long as you like. These levels cost more but also pay more. You can realistically earn over $30,000 a month if you complete all three levels. You can ONLY pay for the 2nd and 3rd levels from your profits so there are never any extra costs as long as you get your 1st matrix going nicely. As an example if you filled your first matrix you would be on a monthly income of $195 - If 10 of those were your own referrals then you would also get a monthly bonus of $100 = total $295 a month. Level 2 would make you circa $2,300 a month and level 3 over $30,000. (You can send me a message to see my latest screenshot of earnings after 3 weeks in).

25 Dollar Legacy Rapid retirement Program

Now in addition to making money each level provides you with professional marketing tools to help you promote this and any other platforms you operate - One of these is your own webinar room set up. Others include a Social Media promo creator and poster (much like Hootsuite) that allows you to create, post and monitor across the all the popular Social media sites. And a special control panel tool. You also get a landing page creator and you can create 2 of your own promo pages free as soon as you are a member.

This has been thought through and planned carefully ad is designed for sustainability so you can bank on your income for a long time to come. What is also very apparent is the support and training. The founders do webinars almost daily and the Facebook support  Group is operated by them personally. They work hard at being professional so you can make money.

To become a member of 25 Dollar Legacy 

(and if you don't you really are either Lazy or Crazy) 

Just click HERE

This article was published on 18.05.2016 by John Ward
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