This is a big problem for Bitcoin miners but not for you. When Bitcoin halves it is going to get twice as expensive to mine Bitcoins.  If you own Bitcoin and are an investor it matters whether Bitcoin price increases or not. If you belong to UP2GIVE  platform then it does not matter one bit what the price of Bitcoin is. Your Cause/Problem matters to our 'crowdfundinglike' Platform.

Let me explain. You will join this platform and pay a monthly membership $32 fee. You will get your money worth right away because you will get Education Benefits in the form of a Free Scholarship to  "STI"  (success training Institute). Also you will get access to the "GIVING BOX".  In this box at up to 6 levels you will be giving away fractions of Bitcoin. and after signing up just 2 others. and them signing up two others etc. You will gain access to giving to the causes of more and more members. Now Stay With Me! At each level when you give to a few causes a fraction of a Bitcoin, More people will give  your cause. The number of causes that you supply funding to increases and the number of contributors to your Cause/Problem also increases Dramatically!  The more you give the way more you get. By the time you reach the 6th level, You will be giving about one Bitcoin ($6200.00 US as I write) and you will receive back close to 64 Bitcoins (396,800 US$ as I write). This will happen no matter what the price of Bitcoin is at any time you are a member. (So Forget About Price) This is accomplished through the miracle of Crowdfunding and Matrix dynamics of UP2GIVEs' Proprietary Algorithms. 


You do not have to think.

1. Join now for free 

2. Use the 'Educational Scholarship'

3. Decide you want to post a Cause for others to give to.

4. Become part of the "Giving Box" by paying the $32 monthly membership fee.

5. Enlist 2 members.  Start at Ground Zero.

6. Monthly Start Giving and Receiving Bitcoin.  

Easily and Happily You will 'Solve your Problems Financially' by Joining and start helping others NOW!

This article was published on 03.04.2020 by Richard Mccurdy
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