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Are you a business owner or network marketer? If so, then you should be mobile marketing! In today's world, everyone has a mobile device and they take them with them everywhere they go! Statistics show that 98% of text messages are opened and read immediately. The question is, is your business in front of that 98%? If not, then continue reading and I will tell you how you can get your business in front of the 98%.

What is SMS Phone Leads?

So recently I came across the SMS Phone Leads marketing tool, and instantly it was a no brainer  for me! The reason it was a no brainer is because as business owners and entrepreneurs, we are always looking for great ways to grow our businesses and what better way to grow your business with an automated marketing tool that does all of the presenting, prospecting, and following up for you 24/7 while also connecting you with the right people so you aren't wasting your time not knowing if prospects are actually interested in your business or not.  Can you imagine being sleep in the middle of the night and a prospect calls your phone at 2a.m. wanting to learn more information about your business, but you may be sleep. Well, this is where the SMS Phone Leads system comes in. You see, the system provides you with a free mobile number and when customers call in to that number, they are prompted to listen to an automated pre-recorded voice presentation about your business, and they will have the option to leave you a voicemail or to call you directly. However, as soon as the prospect calls in the system automatically sends the prospect a text message with a link attached inviting them to look at your business. So even if your lead decides to call at a time where you may be unavailable, the system will be working for you where as they will have instant access to look at your business be cause of the automated text message they will receive. No to mention, you leads don't even have to call in, they can simply send a text message to the free mobile number provided to you by the system, stating that they want more information about your business and the system will automatically send them a text message to learn more about your business by sending them a link of your choice.  The system also offers phenomenal bonus tools that help to grow your business even further. 

Should you give the SMS Phone Leads Tool a Try?

Yes! If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or network marketer who is looking to grow your business on autopilot, and connect with more people who are actually interested in what you have to offer, then yes, you should definitely give this system a shot! Not to mention, this system makes it more easier to convert more sales, sign ups, and more targeted opt.-ins in your business! The bottom line is the world is changing and technology is getting more and more advanced by the year, and being more and more used by consumers worldwide! Now for a second just imagine your business going mobile and being in the hands of not only consumers but targeted consumers who are interested in your business. Plus, the beauty part about this system is you can use it online and offline to promote whatever you want. That's right, this system can be used for mlm, network marketing, insurance, personal training, you name it! That's what's so special about this system is that it is very diverse and can be used for many different types of businesses!

How Do I Join?

Below, I have the direct join link as well as a presentation link attatched done by me. Click either of the following links to learn more or to get started!

Direct Join Link->

Presentation & Join Link->

To Your Success,

Whitney B.

This article was published on 14.11.2017 by Whitney Booker
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