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Why Product-based MLM distributors are doomed to failure

My name is Calvin Smith. I am founder and CEO of  the New Oil Barons, investment MLM. I was an Amway distributor in the 1970s and learned the hard way, that I was nothing but a customer for the company's over-priced products. I tried a couple of other MLMs with similar results. Now I see that no product-based MLM is worth a dime as an income opportunity for anyone other than the company itself.

MLM products purchased at outrageous wholesale prices are impossible to sell at their suggested retail prices and still make a profit. Not only is the wholesale price too high, most states now require that sales taxes must be paid on wholesale purchases and, with the addition of shipping charges, there's very little incentive for trying to sell product to non-participants.

To check this out, representatives from ten MLM companies, including Pharmanex, Quixtar (Amway), Melaleuca, Shaklee, Usana, Isagenix, Sunrider, Herbalife, Arbonne, and Neways were asked by an MLM investigator for the prices of their “best  reasonably priced formulation of multi-vitamin, multi-mineral products, with antioxidant protection.” The average cost per month of the ten separate products was $61.22. Wholesale prices were about the same after taxes and shipping are added.         

Then, ten health food retailers were asked for prices on similar products. Their average cost was only $11.52 per month, including shipping. Can you see why these companies are hated by the 99%  of their failed distributors?

As a double check for this article, I compared the price of Amway's glister toothpaste to that of Colgate, Aquafresh, Crest, and Aim, and found Glister 2.4 times higher than Aquafresh - their closest competitor.

The only MLM product I have ever made money with was the laundry ball. It was new, innovative, and exciting. I made $15,000 with it in three months, but then 60-minutes labeled it a fraud and it quickly died. In spite of all my negative experiences though, I have continued to believe in the power of networking.

So when crude oil dropped from $150/barrel in 2014, to $28/barrel in Feb 2016, I felt that I had to do something to give ordinary people a chance to cash in on the obvious fact that oil would  go back up again...and I have been proven right. It is rising fast already.

It took me three months to devise our unique new investment system and  it is now ready to roll. It is a multilevel system similar to an investment club, based on rising oil prices, with a generous double currency, 10-level payment plan.

The idea is to give ordinary people the opportunity to buy large quantities of oil for nothing but a membership fee of $25 per month. There's nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and no actual investment.

All that's required is to help us grow a huge membership.

Now for the first time ever, there is an almost cost-free way for the ordinary wage-earner to grow wealthy over the next few years. But we need people like you, with the experience and marketing expertise to help us grow quickly before crude prices level off again.

Please check out our website at and join me in this exciting new venture.

This article was published on 11.06.2016 by cals5839 .
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