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Welcome to a brand new week. 

*My name is Nkechi , I am the Principal of Decent Lifestyle Academy where I inspire young people to become what they ought to be by being *SMART, DECENT and WISE.*

*I am a PERSONAL INCOME MANAGER and I ADVOCATE for Multiple streams of INCOME.* I help you to save your money the right way and in the right places. I research extensively about trusted and reliable places to invest your hard earned money to avoid stories that touch.

Due to popular demands. I bring to you a business opportunity which is *ABSOLUTELY FREE* to begin.

Perhaps you have been scanned before or have lost so much in previous businesses and that makes you dislike all kinds of businesses online, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE to start all over.

*Strong Future International (SFI) is World Number 1 Affiliate Company* that rewards you for undertaking little activities such as liking pages, connecting with others, sharing their ecommerce store, reviewing pages, playing intellectual games, answering quizzes, competing with others........ .

*All you need to be part of this are:*

*1. Your Brain*

*2. Patience*

*SFI won't make you rich instantly but you can build a reliable second income stream with them.*

Are you interested. Don't border to drop a comment, do these two things instead

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If these people could make it such as:

� Michael (Nigeria) won $250 class cash this year!.

�Bing (USA) since 2000

�Gala (Bozenia)...

Angela (Nigeria) Active since 2017.

By joining


welcome to another business teaching week and today, i want to help you from struggling in your SFI business and that is by teaching how to make money in SFI showing you where the money really is.

Last year when calculating my sales earnings, for the first time i reached the $1000 mark. wowoo. To God and to SFI and to my customers i give the glory and this $1000 did not come from team building!



Just recently, i was coaching an SFI Client who had been stuck and was a BTL for months and had had spent so huge sum in 2 months and yet had no result, no returns, no winnings, nothing and so very very little earning.

Then he laid his hands on my 2 sfi ebks:

1. View any of this E-book that will help you for your business. Access other E books it will actually help you in this business 

2. Purchase this E-book 

In 3 days he began to have speedy amazing results:

a. Won 17tc in ptp. He had never won any game.

b. won zackjack.

c. won 4 grandmaster in 2 days. a feat am yet to attain myself.

d. won t time play 2x in two days!

e. started having EAs in less than 2 weeks. These were the ones he recruited when he understood the system.

all 88 of his team members he had bought were all inactive! Now he has 3 EAs under him now and

f. He is about to requalify as an EA and this time without investment.

why sharing this is to let you know that the money is not in the rank!

i had been an affiliate before and i still made $64+. why didn't i use it? my family was in great financial distress.

so i use TC sales to augment.

Now my earnings are paying for our accomodation.

Now the question is 'where lies the money?' in the system.

Now, we have heard that a lot that the money is in the system.

Have you ever asked yourself 'what is really the system?'

oh, is it not the launchpad? you say. WRONG. WHAAT? Yep.Ā


Then what is the SFI System?


1. Team Building.

2. Matching vp

3. auction

4. ECA Program

5. ECA Referral program

6. games

7. GC/YCD Program

8. rewardical etc. just to mention a few.

get my sfi ebk to know more.

Now the above is the system and that is where the money is.

However, you need more than knowledge to draw the money out. You need what is known as WORKING KNOWLEDGE.

Working knowledge is applied knowledge which leads to insight e.g how do you turn the auction system into money?

many affiliates just purchase the T125 for $36.25 to spend on the auction site to get their mrp and become BTL leaving money on the table. what money?

i'll explain.

let's say you are bidding for samsung chromebk and you won it for say $20, your total investment=


Now the GC value of that product is $199!

so you exchange your won samsung for the GC and it is paid into your TC account which you can withdraw via your cash out manager at your member center at your TC store.

That means you have over $100+ returns for your investment! wow and yet people will SFI DOESN'T WORK! EXCUSE ME? YOU OWN THE BUSINESS! WORK IT YOURSELF! INVEST INTO YOURSELF!Ā

Read and learn and make money.

Do you see where the money is now?

The general knowledge is not enough.

My SFI Client told me while coaching him that he had been reading our SFI tools and each time he gets bored, but reading it through my book, it all came together that i have set fire in his bones.

He told him that one of his PSAs he recruited, became an EA in 3 days! another in 2 days and this one came when i told him to write to his inactive PSAs with the headline AN HIDDEN TREASURE I LOST AND NOW FOUND. Wow.

i just told him to share his struggle and success.

Now, his team members are duplicating his success storm

Part 2:

Greetings, SFI Sponsors!

Welcome to our monthly newsletter focusing on how to be an awesome SFI sponsor and create income duplication for yourself and your growing team. Each month, we'll cover a couple of sponsoring tips for you to review and put into practice. 



DO #1

DO review "The Plan" at for reaching the rank of Diamond Team Leader and maximizing your success and income with SFI.


DO #2: 

DO follow these powerful ways to encourage your PSAs and CSAs to become EAs so they can begin to grow their own teams and create duplication:


The Designated Diamonds (DD) program is directly aligned with THE PLAN ( facilitates your advancement all the way to Diamond Team Leader...but it's first big benefit is that it can greatly help you generate and maintain EAs. The DD program formalizes the process of serious PSAs working together with SFI leaders towards the mutual goal of becoming a Diamond Team Leader by putting the power of Opti-Build to work for qualified Affiliates.

Learn more about the DD program:


If you're serious about being a Team Leader, this is one of THE most powerful tools you have at your disposal...and it's so easy to use, too! Yes, if you're looking for ways to have large numbers of EAs every month, this is the tool! We've even laid out the exact strategies for you to use here:

Note that SFI notifies all of your recipients when you reassign a CSA to them so they'll know who the wonderful person is helping them build their team. AND, we let them know during the last week of any month where they've not yet met the requirements for the rank of EA--informing them of the impending forfeiture of all of their CSAs if they don't act quickly to re-qualify.


Having contests for your PSAs each month is another good way to ensure EAs. Easily create contests using your Leadership Page at:

One more thing...

We crank out a LOT of information throughout the year, so it's understandable that you may occasionally miss some "nuggets" that could be very valuable in generating EAs on a regular basis. So, it's important that you regularly stop by the SFI Forum, the news blog, and your Alerts tab to stay abreast of program improvements and changes.

Finally, be sure you're always being an Awesome Sponsor as spelled out here:



DON'T waste your time on skeptics and non-motivated people. You and SFI can only provide the track for them to run on. You cannot drag people across the finish line. They have to want it for themselves. Always focus on the workers.

Way too many people focus on QUANTITY. They sponsor dozens, even hundreds of affiliates--which is great--but it is ultimately QUALITY that is the real key. Once you've found or developed 3-5 topnotch affiliates, you're going to see a lot of great things happen with your commission check.

How do you develop quality affiliates? It's real simple: WORK WITH THE WORKERS!

When you see people who are working SFI in your group, work with them! Tip: You can easily locate these people by checking your "My Movers" list on your SFI homepage daily. Support them closely, and train them to do the things you do so that you are creating duplication and maximum leverage.

It's of course more natural for us to let the workers in our group just do their own thing. After all, they got active without you even telling them to, they're already sponsoring new affiliates, referring TC members, etc. They don't need your help or support--or so you think.

Meanwhile, you're spending all your time trying to get the people who obviously don't "get it" to do something. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink—yet you continue to try.

You need to know that this is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing to build a successful business. I'm not saying you shouldn't follow up with those who don't immediately get active with SFI. You should. But don't spend ALL or even the majority of your time with this. And DEFINITELY DO NOT IGNORE your workers!

Indeed, the way you create those 3-5 "top-gun" affiliates that you need is by treating them LIKE YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON THEM!

If you're not in touch with your best, hardest-working affiliates at least every week (email, phone calls, chatroom, or whatever), I'm sorry, but you're trying to win a race with a car that only has one wheel!

How many affiliates will you have to go through to find your top guns? That's of course difficult to say. What I can tell you though is that they're out there (or are ALREADY in your group), and you'll develop them so long as you deny your natural instincts and apply the proper focus (work with the workers!).

Just like in a deck of playing cards, you KNOW there are four aces. If you start working your way through the deck, the first ace may not come up for a while, but eventually it will so long as you keep going through the deck. And if you don't quit, you'll eventually locate FOUR aces. It's the very same principle with SFI; the aces are there.

Keep sponsoring affiliates, work with your workers, and success will happen.

Tip: Don't waste time on skeptics or pessimists. They will NOT succeed in SFI or any other similar endeavor. They do not possess the qualities of a winner (this includes "rocking-chair advisors" who talk and talk, seem to know all the answers, but never act).

"Eagles don't flock--you have to find them one at a time."

--H. Ross Perot



1. Stop by the LaunchPad index for specific lessons on team building and SFI sponsoring:

2. For the complete "Be An Awesome Sponsor" list of DOs and DON'Ts, go to:


3. Check out the Sponsorship training section for resources, articles, how-to's, and more on effective team building and leadership:

4. You can also find lots of help, tips, and advice--as well as ask questions and get answers--from fellow Affiliates at the SFI Forum:

...including these SFI Forum "Great Questions" you'll want to check out:

What's a good strategy to attain Team Leader status every month?

What kind of people make good SFI affiliates?

What are some new ways to motivate your PSAs?



Don't forget that you can further fuel the growth of your team with PSAs To Go--brand new SFI affiliate sign-ups for your first level...delivered normally in just 5 days or less! 


Get your PSAs at Pricebenders Auctions--often for just pennies on the dollar! See the auction schedules at:

Visit me for more discussion at 08125303099 .WhatsApp.

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