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Hate the Idea of Bugging Friends and Family about Your Opportunity? (Must Read)

There's usually one of two things many networkers starting off in the space will think when it comes to friends and family:

The first is "hey this sounds super awesome to talk to my folks about!"


The second being "yeah I really don't want to talk to any of my folks about this because it feels weird."

I tend to think many more people think about the ladder. And that's totally understandable as I'm exactly in that same boat.

I absolutely hate the idea of thinking that I need to talk to friends and family about my own business just because of how awkward it feels.

But let's say you do one of two things. You either:

Talk to all members of your friends and family, maybe get a couple of sales but now you're completely out of people you know to talk to.


You don't bother at all with contacting any friends and family whatsoever.

What do you do in either of these scenarios?

Well my friends this is where getting into the cold market is your only option. And I do mean your only option.

While friends and family could (and I mean that very loosely) be a start to you earning commissions from your business, the real earning happens in the infinitely larger cold market. A.k.a people you've never seen, talked to or ever known.

Now people might get super anxiety over such a thing because they might be thinking: "What will these strangers think of me? I don't want to come off as sounding salesy of pitchy."

Here's the deal though: Those strangers will be bigger supporters and have a way bigger interest in your business than any person in your friends and family ever will.

But there's just one condition:

And that's the fact that you DON'T try and recruit them via these methods:

Cold messaging people in their DM's

Spam your affiliate link across social media

Spam promotional content in every page

Vomit every single detail about your company and its benefits.

Why? Because it doesn't work.

So what's the alternative?

It's called Zero Rejection Marketing.

What is that?

Clicking the link here will tell you everything you need to know.

For those still reading, Zero Rejection Marketing uses a very unique approach to attracting those icy cold prospects to red hot ready to buy customers by doing the following:

#1: We get clear on our dream audience by asking 4 crucial questions.

#2: We uncover and identify their biggest pains and fears.

#3: We define to those people how we can solve those problems

#4: We shape our profile round solving that specific problem that you've identified.

#5: Creating content that speaks to the heart of your prospects and attracting them like crazy.

In other words rather than positioning yourself as just another salesman (that nobody wants to be around)...

... you're positioning yourself to become a problem solver for the people that desperately need your solution.

And all of a sudden, that cold market stuff ends up attracting some of the most red hot buyers for your products and/or business,

Oh and by the way, this entire Zero Rejection Marketing Masterclass is completely free.

Yup, you can start turning the tides in your business and attracting the prospects of your dreams without spending a penny learning how to do it.

So let's not procrastinate here. This might be the biggest no-brainer solution that you might need to get the results you want.

Click here to get access to the Full Zero Rejection Marketing Series for Free!

This article was published on 11.08.2021 by Kevin Williams
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