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Global Topup, Bills Payment, Mobile Money Opportunity

Piuni is a US owned start-up with an incredible vision centered around global telecommunication and payment services already partnered with over 600 multinationals across the world!

For example: Piuni has an online platform that allows you and your customers which could be within and outside your country to topup any mobile phone in over 140 countries, across all known continents within less than 5 seconds of transaction initiation.

With Piuni platform, you can recharge up to 6 Billion phones in the world. That's huge!

Piuni has other premium products and services which includes but not limited to the following:

1. U-Sim. This phone sim card has the capacity to accommodate 17 mobile lines making it possible for you to use any of your lines across different locations. For instance, I can be in South Africa making calls with my USA mobile number and being charged same rate as those within the United States of America.

2. U-Chat. This is akin to the Whatsapp and the rest but here, U-Chat allows up to 5000 members in a group, allows money transfers etc.

3. Piuni has dream products covering Bills payments such as Television/Cable, Education, Medical, Travels, Insurance, Electricity, Water, etc. You can from say United Kingdom, pay for someone's Airtel Television in India; I can generate a Piuni voucher for someone to go shopping in Walmart USA; etc.

What is Piuni Business Model?

Piuni is one of the 9 companies offering global mobile top up even though Piuni offers much more than than mobile top up but the first and the only of these companies to bring this lucrative global business into MLM world.

Piuni currently has over 12 different and independent earning streams which includes

Referral Bonus, Pairing Bonus, Sales Bonus, Sales Matching Bonus, Retail Bonus, Profit Sharing Bonus, Travel Bonus, Diamond Car Bonus, Visionary Leader Commission, InKind Commission, Premium Matching Bonus, Agent Commission.

Piuni apart from having the best products and services which is being used by the large population of the world covering both rich, poor, young, old, sick, healthy, etc; 

Piuni has the best Compensation Plans ever in the MLM world which includes but not limited to:

>No compulsory Recruitment before Earning

>No Limited Number of Accounts to own

>No Auto-Ship

>No Renewal Fees

>No Flushing of Points or Earnings 

>No Demotion in Ranks

>No Sales Targets 


Again, Piuni is ground level opportunity. It is only a couple of months old making the Entry Time superb. Every network marketer knows the advantage of being among the first to come into any MLM business in any city or country. You are among, if not the first to see this opportunity in your country!

See this Youtube video for a more details of this business: Piuni Defined

You can follow this link for more details and to test the Piuni Platform or Register as an Affiliate: Test Piuni Platform
This article was published on 01.10.2016 by Henry O
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