Building a capacity is very essential and key to any surviving system. It will be very difficult to survive competition as an individual, company or organization without an adequate capacity in place. 

What it is Capacity? Capacity is a capability, while capability is the ability or qualities necessary to do something. Having the ability, resources or quality to do something and to do it better than others, as an individuals or a company. Capacity can also be an ability of an entity measured in quantity and levels of quality, for long time in which an organization have confidence in performing all its functional activities and meet up with its stakeholders demand. 

Building capacity is a process by which an entity gaining, improve, and processes the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources necessary to perform its activities competently and thereby gained competitive advantages to greater capacity. Capacity building also often refers to strengthening the skills, competences and abilities of people and other resources in a small business and so they can achieve their goals and potentially overcome problems in their operations.

As an individual you have so many people around you, being your family, relatives, friends and others that eventually comes your way in the journey of life. Therefore, as an individual to have a longer surviving in life and a good relationship with all these people, who will be there to support and defend your belongings/business, you must have an impact in their lives, contribute and build something tangible into their lives. This is building capacity as an individual.

The company or an Organization also need capacity building to continue gaining competitive advantages. The capacity of a company is refers to the number of quality unique resources and core competence it has, obtained and developed. In other word, what could sustain a company for longer time is its ability to perform business activities better than any other companies in the same industry as a result of its quality and quantity of unique resources and core competence. Unique resources are those resources which only the company has it, or a right to use a particular resource while the core competences is the ability to use the unique resources which also peculiar to the same company. Company, individual or organization need to continue to develop these unique resources and core competence to increase the level of their competitive advantages.

Online Business: Virtually, almost all the business activities are done now through Internet on world wide web which enable access to companies transactions globally, no company neither small nor big does not have website where their company's activities are been computerized. So, online business can be refers to buying and selling, including rendering services on the Internet. And there are benefits in online business such as cost saving in terms of rent and staffing, 24/7 accessibility to customers all over the world at the same time and greater flexibility and efficiency in product and services delivery. 

Although, there are also drawback in online business among which are: technical or web knowledge may be necessary, software and hardware expenses, risk of online scams and fraud, and traffic/leads generation including adequate conversion rate to actual sales which the bedrock of online business because without sales then there nothing like business on the Internet but I have a good news for all of you that the MLM GATEWAY HAS A SOLUTION TO THIS PARTICULAR DRAWBACK. here

To build capacity in online business involve a lot of effort, focus and determination if you are not yet determined what exactly is your blueprint you might need to do that first. Like the conversational business, business online required building strong capacity in other to sustain for long time in the Internet business. The online business capacity building, just like in the traditional businesses is the process of obtain, improve, and retain all the necessary online marketing strategies involving tracking traffic into your landing page and website for the purpose of generating leads or list of subscribers that eventually becomes your online customers and begin to buy your products or sign up for your services. 

These are numerous online marketing strategies which an entity, individual or organization can developed and retained to be better than their online competitors and gain more competitive advantages. The acquisition of these strategies/capacities require just a basic skills and knowledge because most of the MLM group Leads generation platform/website and social media are already done the necessary jobs for you as a business owner or an affiliate marketer all need sometimes is to just join and sign up to these group of MLM like MLM GATEWAY HAS A SOLUTION TO THIS PARTICULAR DRAWBACK.

However, most of the marketing strategies which any business owner must continue to obtain, develop, improve and eventually to retain are: List Building, MLM Website, Authority Website, Landing Page, Blogs Post and Social Media all of these are marketing strategies/tools or avenue to showcase your business, you must build them and focus on any of your choice.

Conclusion, no any other means to build online business capacity that will enable you to make sales and achieved the objectives of your online business if you do not have any of the above mentioned tools. You must have obtained, joined, developed and retained some these online marketing capacity, one or too must be your unique resources and core competence of which you are better and can make use of them effectively than your competitor and gained competitive advantage in your online business as business owner or affiliate marketer. 

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