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How to make money without selling anything?

There are three basic ways to make money. You can earn by providing service (job) or investing money or creating products or being in business. Realistically, most of these activities involves some sort of selling. I understand the nature of the question.

At the earliest stage of 2023, an opportunity was introduced that shook the networking world. The system enables anyone to earn money by just paying a monthly membership (under $10). Based on the system structure, you can earn up to $2000 per month without recruiting or selling. Of course, you earn more if you recruit and/or sell.

Interestingly, the platform is unique and innovative. It combined the membership platform, selling products (health related) and network compensation methods. The purpose is well blended as it serves people who want to make money, people who want to save money and sell desirable products that will keep people healthy at affordable prices.

Ultimately consumers benefit as they are able to get quality health products at a large discount prices- 70% to 85% off. This enables to buy more products to keep them healthy. Only requirement is that they have a monthly (or yearly) membership. The membership concept is nothing new as it is currently practiced by Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club.

The membership offers the company to accumulate high profits without burdening high prices to consumers. The system shares the memberships revenue with affiliate promoting the system. The system has powerline concept which allows potential members to check out the system while reserving spot for them. Once a week, the system assigns members to each respective sponsor’s matrix.

The system incorporates emerging worldwide trend. The consumers in general want to pay lower prices.

Since Consumers want to stay healthy, it enables them to purchase more health supplements.

They are offering hefty commissions via membership platform. Living Good also offers affiliates free enrollment so they can check out what the opportunity offers. It is anticipated by the company CEO over 1 million members by end of 2023. That means over $10 million in revenue just from the memberships. Live Good offers membership which is open for all people in the world.

The system is PERFECTLY aligned with the changing trends in the marketplace.

With the HIGHEST QUALITY products at prices everyone can afford, and the brand-new POWERLINE system. The system is the NEXT GENERATION of Network Marketing. And the people who take advantage of it, have a HUGE opportunity to WIN.

In short, the company is based around physical products for this online business opportunity. The affiliates earn selling memberships. The compensation system ensure that every member can earn and that they are not left behind. The highlight of the system is that strategically you can create income source for you and your family to cope up with financial issues that they may have.

It may very well pave the way for future network marketing.

Watch Videos here.

This article was published on 17.02.2023 by Prakash Kunjeer
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Live Good - Health, 10 USD to join

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