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Let's talk about POMIFERA! This opportunity was presented to me June 2020, 3 months after I had lost my bartending job due to the nationwide lockdowns. As a mother to two little girls, I was terrified of what the future would hold but little did I know that losing my bartending job (that I already hated) WAS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE! 

I started using this line of skincare products and was incredibly amazed at the results it had given my skin after years and years of trying just about every single product in grocery stores, Ulta, and Sephora. Talk about money wasted. These products were a complete game changer and I just KNEW I had to get into this business. I was already telling everyone and anyone about how amazing this was, so why on earth wouldn't I get compensated for sharing?! Best. Decision. Ever. 

I had 0 experience in direct sales and honestly had no idea what I was getting into, but with the tools, unlimited resources, and support I hit the ground running. I have found my passion in helping others do the same because ANYONE can build their dream life with the right guidance! This is now so much more than just  amazing skincare.

Ask yourself what your goals are. Is it quitting the current job you have that takes up most of your days with little pay increase? Is it being able to stay home with your kids? Is it financial stability so you don't have to come up with an excuse of why you can't make it to dinner?! These are the things that light the fire to make these goals a reality. 

There has never been a better time to parter with Pomifera and join our team. With an easy to follow on boarding system, social media posts/stories for your first 30 days, plus your own personal cheerleader/coach, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!! 

Every month we have a new Happy Hour special that are sometimes customer based with discounts or free products, but this month we have a very special treat for new PARTNERS!

When you partner with us in August, not only do you earn your monthly commissions but you'll also be entered to win a cash prize up to $1,000!! The winners will be announced live on Facebook September 7th!

Did you know we have over 18,000 partners and counting that are already making either a full time or part time income with Pomifera?!

Get at me for more info, and I can help you get started!

Take a peep at our product line here:

This article was published on 23.08.2021 by Amanda Savino
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Pomifera - Skincare, 99 USD to join

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