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Let me tell you about our products which are truly of the very finest quality.  They are 99.9% pure, really.  Anybody can buy cheaper herbs at Walmart, GNC, online, etc.  However, what you don’t know is that most capsules are not pure, some are 50% or more filler (some companies even use baby powder or other powders, sawdust etc. to complete filling their capsules with).  So... beware.                                                 

It takes 90 days for your body to reflect any changes in your health with any supplements.  Therefore, we have a Sunshine Rewards program which is $100+ month for 90 days. You must agree to use the supplements recommended for you for 90 days IF you sign up for the Rewards program or you will be charged back if the agreement is broken. This gives you free shipping and points toward free product on your next order.  Although, it only takes a $40 order to become a member. You can resell ONLY if you are a Sunshine Rewards member. NO FEES TO RESELL!  You can resell for profit or just for your free product. Believe me…once you start using our products you will find that there are so many great choices beneficial to you, your health and wellness, that you'll have no problem finding products to use. 


After you review our story, click on “Member Benefits”, it will redirect you to NSP’s original website.  Review the website thoroughly, your membership is very flexible.  You will receive discounts anytime you purchase products. If you are looking for a side job, for an income, or just free supplements and have questions, please review the “Opportunity” tab. It will most likely answer any questions you may have. Below is the link to review the website at your convenience. Please review it thoroughly.


Feel free to contact ME if you have further questions and are truly interested.  

                                                                       TO YOUR HEALTH…

    Go to:    shop>customer favorites>health for an assessment which once completed will suggest an herbal regimen to help put your body back in balance.                                        

Best Regards, 

Jodie Morales 

Herbal Specialist 

Nature’s Sunshine Products 


This article was published on 19.10.2018 by Josephine Morales
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