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My business is RealStew and our goal is to connect the world and make it a better place for as many people as we can. We are a communication/business platform that pays us for using it. We have our own Mobile app, which we get paid to use, we have our own Email system, again we are paid to use it. We have groups just like they do on FB, only we get paid. We can have private groups or public groups. We can blog for a very small fee monthly, and we can advertise any other business we may have for literally pennies.

Our owner and founder is Paddy Delaney and his wife Mandy. He has a background of building a very successful business in South Africa and selling it for a huge profit and moving to New Zealand. He and Mandy had this dream of helping as many people as they could to better their lives and those around them. So, from their garage, 6 years ago, they started RealStew with just a handful of people, most of whom remain active members today. His business was tutored by the Ice House in New Zealand, a company that helps new businesses grow.  They graduated from the Ice House about 2 years ago and now RealStew has taken on a life of it's own.

Paddy is a hands on owner.  He will talk to anyone; and everyone has the ability to send him a private chat message. He made the decision to move the headquarters to London this year with the thought of listing on the London Stock Exchange, which is scheduled to take place in November, 2015. He also made the decision to award every new member who joins, until the end of September, 500 shares of stock.  They are yours at no cost out of pocket. They will be paid for out of earnings or when you decide to sell your shares, a very small amount.

We have members from 191 countries. Countries like Gambia, Nigeria, Uganda, India, South Africa, etc. are already seeing changes in their lifestyles and ability to communicate with each other. We help non profit organizations get a world wide start. We had a young man from Gambia who had started to enlist help from the young people in his community to start a garden to help feed everyone in that community. He joined RealStew, for free, and now is starting to link to his whole country. He has also started to college, thanks to the help from RS.

Why don't you check us out: 

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

This article was published on 08.09.2015 by Oniece Gregory
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Carol Bettis I love RS, have been a member for over 3 years, it will be a house hold name before long.  5 years ago

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