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Supplements, Network Marketing, and Online Business - Pt 2

This is Part 2 of the transcript of a video I did for my clients.

If it reads a little weird in spots, that's why.

I've edited it for clarity. 

But now find myself in contact with this product that I'm compelled to share because it doesn't take any persuasion at all.

It's just what you're doing normally anyway. And I've had great results. Almost everybody I've ever heard of has had great results with this. It's intriguing to me because it's weight loss and I've never been real heavy. So someone might say, "What do you know about trying to lose weight?"

But I can say that my target, I wanted to get down to 175. I was all buffed out and I lifted weights and I got pretty big, I mean for a guy my size. I'm only about five six and a half or something like that. After a while, I didn't go to the gym every day, I got a little bit pudgy. But that wasn't the main thing.

The main thing for me was, I was driving a truck long haul and I got very hungry all the time. I got to the point where I was mad about it. I was freaking angry all day because I was constantly freaking hungry and I couldn't do anything about it.

I ate carrots. I ate celery. It didn't work. I had to have a sandwich or something to keep me going. And I'm driving along saying, "I know I don't need food. I know I'm not hungry." I'd be getting mad because here I go. I'm all pudgy. And I know while I'm not really gaining weight real fast or anything, it's not good for me because I can't go to the gym all the time.

So I started looking hard for things that would kill my appetite. I finally found something that did cut down my appetite and I did lose a few pounds. It was nothing profound or anything and I was actually good as long as I wasn't hungry. That's all I was looking for as a long haul truck driver.

There's only two things I wanted. Number one, I wanted alertness and energy and number two, I didn't want to be hungry all freaking day and end up like the stereotypical truck driver that weighs 350 pounds.

I went like that for a good long time. Then I went to a seminar in Las Vegas and I was introduced to this coffee.

They're like, oh wow, this stuff gives you all kinds of energy and everything. When I heard that, I'm already in. I'm going to try it. And they started talking about weight loss and I'm like, oh, that's interesting. But so what? Maybe I'll lose a few pounds, maybe I won't.

Well, I started drinking it the three days I was there. I was astounded. If you've ever been to seminars, you know they tend to go long. This one was really good about it, but usually they tend to go long and you don't have anything to eat for several hours.

I'm always taking snacks and with me. But after that first morning I wasn't hungry at all and I had crazy energy.

That's the end of Part 2.
I'll release Part 3 tomorrow.

This article was published on 27.03.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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