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6 Steps to help anyone get in the 800 Credit Club: 

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1. Pull your credit report. 

Before you can begin to repair your credit, you must know where you all & what needs to be done. 

-go to for credit reports from all 3 main bureaus as well as FICO scores. 

- (this isn't your FICO score but extracts GREAT DATA that you can use to increase your score for $1 instead of the $40 to get your FICO score) 

2. Freeze Secondary Bureaus 

Before you begin disputing errors on your report, you are going to want to freeze your credit file. Freeze the SECONDARY BUREAUS not the main. This prevents Equifax, Experian & TransUnion from being able to verify any data from these reporting agencies. 

3. Check for Errors on your report. 

Did you know that over 40 MILLION PEOPLE have errors on their reports?! The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that any information that is Inaccurate, outdated or Unverifiable must be removed! 

4. Start the dispute process. 

If you have negative items on your report, NEVER dispute online, use certified mail. I've found that there are about 5-7 letters that have proven time and time again to work! Use the letters in order, starting with the verification letter & know how to respond. 

5. Credit Utilization 

This counts towards 30% of your score and YOU are in complete control. Get your utilization in the single digit, I know gurus say 30%, trust me, get it in the dingle digit. Pay down your credit cards! Make this priority. Your splurging can wait! If you are barely making ends meet, living check to check or just feel like you need more money to do this rapidly, you better not dare be closed minded to making other streams of income. This trips me out! Get you a side hustle, start monetizing your talents, join network marketing, become an affiliate for something...get you another stream! 

6. Build Credit

It's important to add good credit history to your report. As the negative credit history ages, it will count less against your score & the new good credit history will count more towards your score. 

Look into credit builder programs: 


-Credit Strong

-Report Rent Payments: 

Look into secured credit cards: 

-Self Visa


-Discover It 

Just to name a few. 

If you're in need of credit repair, we offer both DIY (Do It Yourself) and Done For You services. I can also show you how to Earn While You Learn! Paid weekly + qualify for bonuses & residuals. (Here's that additional stream you need to lower that utilization ) Who needs credit help? 

See link below to sign up:

This article was published on 03.11.2023 by Lakisha Reese
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