I'm Getting Paid To Share A Number That Grows My Business Through Text!

Making money online shouldn't be complicated, or hard. In fact, it should actually be easy. However, sometimes when we are unsure of how to go about having success online we as humans have the tendency to over complicate the process! However, today I would like to help you change all of that! I would like to share with you my strategy that I am using to simply expand my business by sharing a free mobile number that does all of the presenting, prospect, and following up for me. 

So Let's Get Straight To The Point

 How would you like to get in business where as all you have to do, is drive traffic by simply sharing a free mobile number online and offline? Sounds pretty easy right? Well, that's because it is! You see, all I do is share my free mobile number which promotes my primary business for me, connecting with my leads directly on their mobile phones through text message. I would like to give you an example of how this works.

How Does It Work?

1. I place an add online that says " If you would like to start making money online text 'More Info' to (***)***-****.

2. The prospect will then text 'More Info' to the number I provided

3. My automated text messaging system will automatically send a text message back as if it's me replying, and will greet my prospect with a link to opt-in to my primary business aka my lead capture page.

4. My prospects click the link in the text provided on their mobile phones to opt-in to my Primary "Main" Business that I am promoting to learn more about my business.

5. The prospects will then get more information on my business and how they can join and duplicate the process.

6. The prospects Join my team and start receiving all of their training and tools!

And that's it! I basically have shared a free mobile number and this entire process of presenting, prospecting, and following up is all done for me on autopilot! This brings in targeted traffic, targeted leads, and targeted opt-ins and sales in my business all on AUTOPILOT! Whereas, I get the easy part of just following up with my leads to see if they have any questions and to help get them started in my business! That simple!

Do You See The Big Picture HERE?

All you are doing is sharing a mobile number! This makes making money online super simple and easy for anyone to succeed, whether you are a network marketing newbie or an experienced marketer, this program can work for you! You share the number and the system does the rest for you! Imagine making $500+ weekly in additional income all from sharing a number? This could give you additional cash to pay bills, spend time with family, and eventually even lead to you not having to work your day job! Which would be pretty cool right?

However, I would like to show you better than I can tell you! Now it's your turn to take action!

Below is a link to see exactly how this process works! It will also have my contact information available whereas if you have questions or concerns you can message or even call me directly! I look forward to working with those of you who decide to give this a shot!

Click the link below!


To your success,

Whitney B.

This article was published on 18.03.2018 by Whitney Booker
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