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A unique MLM-type income opportunity that cost you ONLY $28 USD to join!

David Mahoney here, in Melbourne, Australia!

I have a quick question for ALL you MLM'ers: 

Would any of you be willing to get into an MLM activity that costs you ONLY $28 USD to join and then you are only required to get TWO (YES...just 2) People below you to join in your downline...and THAT IS IT...that is ALL you need to do to GET GOING with this MLM opportunity that I want to tell you all about???

I am being 100% transparent and honest here when I say that I myself NEED to find just TWO (2) people who are willing to give this unique and I would suggest..."GOLDEN" opportunity a go!

I am only TOO willing to pay just $28 USD, to "give this a go", as I have scrutinized all the promotional material for it and I must say that I am really impressed!!! The potential for financial benefit to anyone who joins this unique Internet marketing phenomenal!

If you would like to contact me about can get me on:, or by texting my Australian mobile 'phone on: 61-433-305-595.

I need two of you good People...JUST two of join WITH MY order for ME to "stake MY place" in this potentially VERY lucrative business opportunity!

Then...each of you in turn...must find just TWO (2) people to join under YOU...who also are willing to buy a place in this unique opportunity...this unique "system" ALSO investing just $28 USD...

When you recruit those two (2) people, under you...again, for just a measly $28 USD...YOUR positions are then locked in to the system..."rock solid" need do no more, once each of you has your two (2) "downliners" in your Team!

They...your 'recruits' turn then need to find just TWO (2) people to join up...below THEIR "downline"...just by investing $28 usd each!

And so on and so on...annnnnnd so an ever-expanding "downline"!

SO...if any of you are at all interested in finding out MORE about this opportunity...please DO NOT HESITATE...make contact with me as soon as possible for you!

I will then give you all the necessary details about this Internet Marketing MLM Opportunity, by way of all the necessary links to web-pages and numerous information videos, that will explain it all in a very easy to understand and very professional manner!

AGAIN: If you would like to contact me about can get me on:, or by texting my Australian mobile 'phone on: 61-433-305-595.

Let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you...a "Happy...Healthy...Wealthy and above all...a SAFE New Year...this year of 2023.

Kindest Regards: DAVID MAHONEY.


This article was published on 10.01.2023 by David Mahoney
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