Trust you are rocking your network marketing business ?

Like it's always say, if you are not having fun in our industry you ain't doing it right.

Network marketing industry is for people who love life. It's for happy people.

If you embrace network marketing very well you will always be excited every morning when you wake up. The industry will possess you that you will be operating in a different frequency all the time.

Ok lets quickly jump into today's training.

If you want to enjoy this industry very well, you've got to always reflect back to when you started your network marketing adventure. It may be in a different company or it may be in your current company but the point is that you've got to always reflect on when you started. 

Two days ago I was reflecting on when I started my network marketing adventure and something struck me. I realised that if I embrace the information I learned then I would have benefited alot because those concepts are still working. I will like to shear something with you that I learned during my early days in my network marketing career.

My sponsor then helped me by recommending some good materials to me which was one of the greatest things he did for me.


Eric is one of the network marketing professional that I cherish so much. He has impacted alot of lives in our industry and his 7 steps to becoming a network marketing professional audio book was what kept me going during my early days in network marketing adventure.

Though there are great tips in that audio book but I'll only share the section of inviting prospects.

There are different approaches you can use when inviting a prospect offline to take a look at your business presentation but to me I think this is the most comprehensive approach I have been able to find.

I am not giving you the script in that audio book, I only want to shear the philosophy behind the script so that you use it while inviting your prospects.









1) BE IN A HURRY : As a professional networker, you don't want to drag around and waste anyone's time no one likes that. You want to be in a hurry so that you go do something else moreover, your prospects will respect you for that and they will know you are a serious minded person.

2) COMPLIMENT THE PROSPECT; people hardly receive compliment that is why they are always open when ever they receive a sincere compliment from someone. The idea here is for you to look for a unique thing about the person and compliment him or her. It shouldn't be fake. Once you do this the prospect will be extremely open to what you have to say.

3) MAKE THE INVITATION: Although in that audio book, there are different ways of inviting prospects depending on the type of prospect e.g you don't invite your close friend like you will invite your uncle, neighbour, or your pastor . But the concept is raising the person's curiosity that will make him or her more interested in what you have to offer. 

E.g I have found a way for us to make some extra money 

E.g 2 do you know someone that will be interested in making some extra money?

E.g 3 I have started a new business will you like to check it out and give me your own opinion??

E.g 4 my company is expanding at your location, will you like to check it and let me know if it will succeed there?

There are many examples but the idea behind it is that you raise the person's curiosity enough that they will ask what are you talking about.

The examples above are different examples you can use depending on the type of prospect. You can use anyone that will suit the situation.

Here is what I mean. You won't tell your uncle " I have discovered a way for us to make some extra money but you can tell your close friend. Nevertheless, you can tell your uncle that you have just started a new business and that you will like him to check if it's a good thing for you.

Remember the goal is for your prospect to see your presentation.

Once you have completed your invitation, you move to the next step


This is a secret question that places you as an authority. You are giving your prospect a condition that unless they are ready to do a particular thing you won't do it either.

E.g goes thus ; if I directed you to a website, will you check check it out??

E.g2 if I handed you a CD that contains all the information you want, will you watch it? 

E.g 3 if I invited you to a seminar will you come?

E.g 4 if I sent you an audio explanation will you listen to it?

All these are examples, like I said earlier, you should use them depending on the situation.

After asking IF I, WOULD YOU, Move to the next step.

5) GET A TIME COMMITMENT: This step is nothing much, it's just to ask the prospect when he or she will do what they said they will do.

You shouldn't suggest the time for them let them tell you when will be convenient for them to check the website or watch the video e.t.c

Here is an example

Eg1 so when exactly do you think you will check the website??

Eg2 when do you think you will watch the video?

Eg3 when do you think you will listen to the audio explanation?

Once they tell you the time, move to the next step.

6) CONFIRM THE TIME COMMITMENT: You are only to confirm that they are really  sure of the time they've set.

Here is an example 

If they told you that they will watch the video explanation on Monday, your response should be; so if I called you by Tuesday so that we talk about what you've seen you must have seen it for sure right??

Eg2 if the person said that they will visit the website on January 1st your response should be; so if I come to your office on January 2nd you must have gone through it for sure right??

The essence of confirming the time is to get the appointment locked into their subconscious mind so that they do what they said they will.

70% of prospect won't do what they said they will do so the time confirmation is necessary.

Once they answer yes to your question, the next thing you are to do is to get off the phone if it was a physical invitation. You are to thank this person and leave.

Most networkers normally talk their prospects into the business and still talk them out of the business.

You are not to say anything further after the second confirmation just thank the person and get off the phone if it was on phone. If it was a physical invitation, just thank the person and leave.

This technique may look complicated but it's something you can do within 5 minutes and if you practice it often you will be really good at it.

I'll organise everything and give few examples so that you know how everything works.

Example if I want to invite my close friend on the phone here is how it goes;

E.g1 hello John ; I don't have a lot of time but I needed to talk to you real quick. You are such an amazing friend of mine that is why I want to show you what I've discovered recently. Will you like to be involved in a business that won't distract you from what you are doing but capable of replacing your full time income?? 

He will say yes, 

then you proceed ; there's a great platform that guarantees that. If I directed you to their website will you check it out??

He will say yes 

Then you proceed; when exactly will you be chance to check it?

He may answer tomorrow.

Then you proceed with; so if I reach you by next tomorrow so that we talk about what you have seen you must have read the website for sure right?

He will say yes 

Then I will thank him and contact another person.

The idea here is to understand the philosophy behind this approach. 

Set as many appointment as possible so that when you get back to them you are going there to close the prospect.

Though these are few examples but there are alot of examples in the book titled Go pro ( 7 steps to becoming a network marketing professional) by Eric worre.

Final thoughts 

Don't focus much on the exact script, only focus on understanding the philosophy behind it. The main reason for invitation is to raise your prospects curiosity so that he or she gets to see your presentation.

Was this post helpful? Have you been using any of Eric's script, how have Eric impacted your life kindly comment below.

Kindly shear this article if you enjoyed it thanks.

MAC-FRANCIS EDEMis a network marketing professional. He is a diamond director in his current network marketing company. He has trained many people and is willing to train as many as possible. Join his network marketing business group

This article was published on 14.07.2019 by Mac-Francis Ekpenyong
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