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**This will be the Number one Mobile-Phone Notification Service around.. The Company is still in "Beta / SOFT LAUNCH" get in as soon as you can** before the Masses..!!  Master DISTRIBUTORS will love the PAY PLAN / COMP. Plan.. The Product will SELL.. because Most Companies want to Advertise on a Mobile Android Phone.

Get started for as low as: $25 - Just started about 5 weeks ago, we are below Ground Floor..!! Go online now to Get Started:  *To get on the Webinar to Hear more Info about the COMPANY an how you get PAID..!!

Get this Info out to all ''MASTER DISTRIBUTORS''. There are Daily Webinars. And there are ''ONE TIME Entry Lifetime Specials'' that will expire SOON ... One of the AD Transmitting Products we have will Transmit a Signal MUCH futher than  the normal  Range..!! (You will be Blown Away when you find Out the DISTANCE your Notification AD will Reach with this one of a kind Notification Device..!!

I can tell you that this Company will be the First one to Sell this PRODUCT.. An could be the "ONLY" company to market this Special product. 

(This Company will bring back LIFE & HOPE to the Network Marketing Industry) Get in as soon as you Can.

**Join Today to get on the Webinar tonight..!!  To Get this SPECIAL INVITATION  

** **

 How you can Automatically Promote Your Home Business On Nearby Android Phones & Devices..!!

 The Cost is as Low as: $25 a Month for 40 character  Notification..!!

For Your Eyes ONLY.. Special Invitation ONLY..!!

"This Company is making People BELIEVE again.. It Bring's back Hope for Networking..Get in on the Very Ground FLOOR TODAY..!! "

Looking for Master Distributors..?? **Below Ground Floor** Now is the time to Join.

Genusity has 4 different Beacon Packages you can choose from an the Prices are amazing.

There is also a special .. signup Package you can get all 4 of the Packages an the company will advertise for you .. All you do is Purchases the Big package set it up an that is IT...!! Can't get any easer than that.. Set it an forget It..

By the way there are 5 ways you can get paid with ** Genusity **  

#1. Customer Sales Commissions

#2.Customer sales Residuals

#3.Direct sales. fast Start

#4.Direct Sales.. Residuals

#5.Infinity Over-Rides

** A Seasoned MASTER DISTRIBUTOR will have a Field day with this Package...

Here is what make this so Good... Every body in Business need to ADVERTISE..!!

All you need to do is, go to this Link:

Fill out your Name, an E-Mail, Phone Number (Optional) (My Sponsor ID Is: workfromhome

You will get an E-mail were you will be able to Join a Webinar.. an get the New Link were you can make your Product Order.

Or just Join for $25 one time Fee...

Than try to let as many people as you can know about this NEW Product..!!

This article was published on 08.09.2017 by Gerald Toussaint
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