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If you're in an MLM business which has a focus on recruiting other affiliates and you haven't been experiencing the results you've been looking for, you're not alone.

You'd be surprised just how many of the roughly 160,000,000 marketers out there who are also not hitting the numbers they're looking to hit.

The truth is it's not really your fault.

Most people coming into other businesses are typically told the same things such as: "talking to more people" "sharing your opportunity with everyone" and "using the same company websites and funnels"

And a ton of people soon get discouraged when some if not all of these things fail to work. Which is why we need to completely change the way we market to people and recruiting them on our teams.

Using the same company replicated websites and funnels won't be the answer since thousands of other people are promoting those exact same sites.

But even more so, is that many affiliates may be stuck without a system to recruit affiliates and to share with them as an added incentive to be on their teams.

Without some sort of system in place, you can't possibly expect to have consistent signups and enrollments in your recruiting business. And we need to change that if you want to start shifting the momentum of your business in your favor.

And what better way to do that then with the Perpetual Enrollment Machine or PEM for short.

We have to understand that in order to attract more people to our biz opp, we first need to show them a clear way as to how they can succeed in that.

Or better yet, what is the system or solution that you use in your business to get consistent enrollments? 

And can the people that you recruit use that same system to implement in their business as well?

These are both extremely important things because when people lack a clear path, they'll do the bare minimum at best and end up quitting at worst.

But with you as the systems provider on your team, people have more of reason to stick with you. And they also would doubt if anyone else can provide the same things you do for them.

If you want to know why a handful of networkers are making the income they desire and possibly more? There's your answer.

So it's time to amp up your marketing and recruiting efforts and start implementing the system you need to start increasing your enrollments, duplicate with your teams, snowball your overall results and provide additional income streams in your pocket on top of it.

Make today the day folks. You deserve more than what you've experienced so far in your business.
This article was published on 12.04.2020 by Kevin Williams
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