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The people that brought you PayPal are behind this exciting  new twist on Global payments.  This is a new currency and payment network built by ex-PayPal guys, called Initiative Q. The Q currency is currently being allocated for free if you are invited by an existing member.

The idea is that if millions of people join, Q could become a leading payment network, and, according to well-known economic models, that means the value of the reward would be around $130,000.

The amount you reserve decreases every day, and each member has a limited number of invites. You can use my invite link here: 


(Don’t worry. No funny stuff. You just need to give your name and email and your spot is reserved).

Hey bud you need to send out the invites for the above to max out your coins. Now that you have been verified. You need to

1. Log into your account 


2. Copy your link 

3. Send to your contacts

4. As you send and they sign up you will need to log into your account and approve them . 

5. Tell them to pass it on the same way . 

6. You get 10 invites to the first level then when that fills up you log in again and your link opens up for 15 people .

7. You get multiple chances to increase your coins. 

8. In just two days the Amount you can max out with has dropped in half and when it hits 0.. the coins will be fully distributed . 

9. The plan is for each to be $1.00 and you can grab close to a million coins.  

10. Times a wastin. Good luck !!

The beauty of this one is that it doesn’t cost you nothin , there is no risk, and you can walk away with a couple hundred thousand dollars.  But this won’t last forever as a matter of fact it will close this week.  If the link does it work keep trying .  It get updated as you pass different levels .  So sign up today and stay on top of your account so that you get every dollar you deserve.  Thank you for your time today and good luck !!

This article was published on 29.10.2018 by Thomas Conley
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