What Would You Do With an EXTRA $1500-$3000 a MONTH?

Did you know that 98% of the country is either dead or dead broke by the age of 65??

More and more individuals have to work later in life (beyond the 65 years old) because they have no retirement. They’ve either never planned for it until it was too late, did save up but not enough to get them through the years, or lost it in the stock market or some other deal. That means that only 2% of our population is financially set. 

Many individuals are living paycheck-to-paycheck and not even sure what to do. The average college graduate has about $39,500 in debt and if you get your Master’s, like I did, you are even MORE in debt.

This is when I finally said enough is enough and did something about my debt. I went searching for another way to make more money and found the company I’m currently with.

I have found thousands of women within our company who wanted to quit their jobs and stay at home with their kids that now do, families paying off more debt faster than they ever thought possible, college and retirement funds being created, and the wildest of dreams coming true. If you are looking for more financial freedom, I’d love to chat and see how I can help you.

We are a 10-year-old, $1 Billion company. We have tens of thousands of representatives internationally and growing. We are currently doing business in only 3 countries, the US, Canada, and Australia, with Asia on the horizon. We have millions of satisfied clients all across these countries and because of their satisfaction, they actually refer business to us on a monthly basis. 

We are currently debt free and are a privately owned company. We’ve been featured in numerous publications multiple times including, but not limited to, Forbes, People, Self, Shape, Allure, Vogue, and O, Oprah magazines, as well as featured on the Today Show and all without having an advertising budget. We were founded by the doctors who created Proactiv, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, in which our company was named after them, Rodan + Fields.

To simply get started, click this link: http://bloggingnetworkonline.com/redefineyourlife/international-skincare-company-expanding/   

I was finally able to quit my Corporate America job and well on my way to paying off all my debt. I look forward to talking with you and seeing how I can help you. Please feel free to email me at any time with questions.

Jenny Lincoln


This article was published on 28.02.2017 by Jenny L
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Rodan + Fields - skin care, 995 USD to join

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