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If you were called to the front of the room (or onto a stage) in 5 years, as the first person to make $50,000-a-month in your business, and you were asked to tell me who you were 5 years ago, what got you interested and then involved with your business, and what was your WHY that made you succeed, what would you tell me? In other words, What is your story? Who were/are you? What were you doing before you found success with your company? How did you find out about your company and was it the product or the opportunity that got you involved as a Distributor? People LOVE stories and a story will be much more "sticky" with whomever you are talking to (whether it's one person or an audience of 5000) than any amount of facts, figures, features or even a list of benefits. You probably know or knew a great storyteller, someone who always seems to have a story to tell that illustrates a point they are trying to make in a conversation or discussion. And you might have thought to yourself, "I wish I could tell stories like that." Well, the fact is YOU CAN! Learning how to tell a story that relates to whatever message you are trying to get across is not that hard. First of all, you have to realize that you have hundreds, even thousands, of stories that you can tell. REALLY! If I asked you to tell me a story about your high school sweetheart or crush, I KNOW you could tell me a story! If I then asked you to tell me a story of how you met your spouse and the first misunderstanding you had together, I'm willing to bet there's a pretty good story there! What brought on the misunderstanding? What feelings did it cause? What did you do about it at first? How was the misunderstanding finally resolved? When you take the time to think about it, there are lots of stories you could tell about the people in your life, about the places you have been, about the experiences you have had. You just have to draw them out of yourself! One of the things you should probably do RIGHT NOW is start, if you haven't already, to write as many of those stories down. That's right, write them down...start a 'book of stories'. Don't worry about making the stories 'publishable' - just put down the basics at first and then add some details as you think about them. In case you are thinking that your stories wouldn't mean much to anyone else, you need to realize that your story is probably similar to someone else's and that, if you tell YOUR story, it just might inspire others in ways that THEY get your message! Want a simple, fun, and very profitable low cost business that you can start for less than $15? Here is one YOU can afford to do and YOU can't afford to miss! Everyone enjoys snacks and the best part is OURS is healthy for you! Visit

Steve Wright

This article was published on 06.01.2016 by Steve Wright
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Walter Reid Really liked the story cause like you said everyone has a STORY  4 years ago

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