Unique Restaurant Sales & Marketing Techniques to follow -What are those?

Good marketing helps in getting more revenue for the hotel. Restaurant Sales & Marketing have many techniques to improve sales. 

It would be a bad experience walking down the hotel when the rooms are empty without customers. It is an indication of the failing business strategy. It is essential to use different sales techniques even during the season of slow travel to avoid such situations. These techniques will bring in guests and improve business. The main reason behind the Restaurant Sales & Marketing techniques is to enhance the revenue of the hotel. The profit will allow increasing the services to the guests and also get more facilities for the hotel. Selling the rooms all around the year will help in getting more packages to the customers and giving personalized services.  

Customers do not feel safe in a nearly empty hotel. There is more demand for a lively hotel with a charismatic environment. Each hotel is unique, and they require different techniques for improving sales. There are some common ways for sales, but the hotel manager has to follow a method that suits his hotel. Such techniques drive in more customers, and the necessary revenue needs to generate.  

Group Sales 

Here it is the sale of rooms to corporate groups. Such groups agree with small deals. A sales manager should talk and get into an agreement. That allows groups to stay in the hotel all over the year. It will enable repeated business, and it would be beneficial to the hotel. It would be better to get into a deal with the planners directly to get profit. The unique differentiators, photos, and floor plans can be displayed in the market places to catch the attention of such planners. Targeting the correct audience would bring them again and again into the property. 

Sales and Marketing Techniquest

Direct Sales Strategy

Here the guests can book online easily. Many customers prefer online booking, and this generates good revenue for the hotel. There is no middleman commission, and thus there is a direct sale that gives full income. Hotel managers should introduce an online booking system that synchronizes with the property management system and the website. There should be more advertisements on social media to increase direct bookings. 

Destination marketing 

Involving other tourism professionals to promote regional Restaurant Sales & Marketing would help a lot. In destination marketing, the local business people target the tourism markets and bring more traffic to the general arena. The customer has more choice now, and they find their destination quickly. 

Cross Promotional Sales 

Here the hotel managers have to evaluate the significant events in the local region all over the year. Promotions of the hotel can be made accordingly to attract the people attending that event. There may be many people attending that event and desperately looking for accommodation. There are many events like an industry conference, sports event or a concert which has to be updated beforehand. 

Guest Rewards 

There are frequent customers to the hotel. They take a room in a particular hotel as they like the service. Such customers should be rewarded with some perks. It could be by giving upgrades for referring friends or family members. Such rewards generate more bookings offering more sales to the hotel. 

  Revenue Management 

There are times when the bookings of the hotel increase in a part of the year. It may be due to an event organized in the region or vacation season. As the demand for the rooms would be high, the manager should raise the cost of the room. The customers would be ready to pay more due to the need. It increases the revenue of the hotel automatically. The customer should not know about this upselling technique. Other options should also be open to making the customer know that he is crucial.    


Many guests visit the hotel website but do not finalize their booking. By noting their date options and the rooms available in the hotel, they should contact customers for further inquiries. The customers can be reminded to revisit the hotel site for booking online. The guests who may in confusion about any booking are encouraged by this reminder. This way, the customers can be attracted to the hotel website. 

Marketing and sales always go hand in hand. Excellent marketing ends in actual sales. Restaurant Sales & Marketing should deliver all the factors offer during marketing. If the customer is not satisfied, there are possibilities of getting negative reviews, which may result in the revenue of the hotel.  


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This article was published on 21.10.2019 by Keith Ronning
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