Why Continue to Beat the Dead Horse? Simply Change your Strategy

As I recall back in the late 1980's I used to entertain frequent visits from Carlos my old neighbor. He and is wife were passionate about Amway. Back then, network marketing was all about the weekly meetings, investing in motivational and training tapes and videos, building lists, piling up  and pushing products. For a while, Carlos had me as one of his targets and would not let me breathe. I got to the point were I was so tired of his approach that I started hiding in my room every time he comes over. I felt as though my NO's to him meant PLEASE TELL ME MORE! It reached a point where I dreaded leaving my house. This and many other instances dealing with network marketing reps have left such a bad taste in my mouth that I never thought I would one day be writing about this topic, let alone have any involvement in this business model.  I know what I went through and I am certain that I am not the only one. Are you interested in making some extra income working in you spare time? Well, this famous phrase have destroyed a lot of friendships. There is one phrase however that Carlos constantly used every time he came over to the house. This phrase almost sounded like a preacher's favorite bible's verse: "Les, you have to plug into the system... the internet super highway is about to change everything, now is the time , get in or you'll be left out". Well, to make a long story short, I never believed him. In fact, I thought he was losing it. 

Fast forward twenty years, as I look at the constant evolution and growth taking place were everything is linked to the worldwide web as Carlos often used to refer to the internet, I wish I could reverse the clock. Unfortunately, some of the best opportunities only surface once in a lifetime. Grab it the minute you identify it and ask questions later.  It is now 2019, despite the internet explosion with new and amazing possibilities, people are still using the traditional approach. Those who have adapted are seeing great results but, the majority of the people are still pushing their product and business opportunities as if there is no tomorrow using the old traditional approach. The other sad reality is that many network marketers are still stuck on instant gratification - They basically close their eyes, slap you in the face with their products and expect that as soon as they open their eyes they would have a sale. What they fail to realize is that a busy store stays busy because of the value it brings to the community.  When you think of selling, first try to bring value to your target audience and the selling will take care of itself. 

Now that the game has shifted, are you ready to shift right along with it?  Today, it is all about creativity. I applaud the entire MLM Gateway team for this amazing gift to the industry If you have not joined, I urge you to do so.  And I also applaud the work that the mastermind team at Zero Gravity is doing to bring amazing value to those in the industry who have struggled for many years and have not seen any results. The tools are there, the opportunity to drastically change your financial future is here - Grab it before it is too late. It is much like drawing water from a well - you can draw more water in a more efficient manner if you invest in a bucket.  In closing, Never put the carriage before the horse - if you do, chances are, you might never make it to your destination - especially in the world of "network marketing". Do not rush to join a business opportunity because it sounds good or because your friend is doing it and then try to create an audience. You must first have an audience in mind, Identify the need - in other words, have a strategy in mind before you start investing into business opportunities. Hope you were able to find some value in this post. Please feel free to post a comment below. If you wish to contact me, simply forward a message to my inbox or send me a request to connect. 
This article was published on 14.05.2019 by Les Cange
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Les Cange Mr Epps, I will connect with you soon!  2 years ago
Les Cange additionally, as a founder once the first company is launched, you will have a prime position at the top of the matrix. Imagine how that would affect your bottom line!  2 years ago
Les Cange Even though the system is built to benefit all its members - Joining at the pre-launch phase as a founder you only pay $49.95 for your lifetime membership vs $149   2 years ago
William W. Epps Very interesting article. I believe in the value of creativity and strategy. How does being a founder in Zero Gravity produce valuable sales?   2 years ago

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